DutchCharts 07/11: Tekken comes in at 2nd place

PS3Hype writes: 'Tekken 6 has just been released, and it's doing very wel on the PS3 in The Netherlands. Tekken 6 holds the second place (PS3 version) on the overall charts from the 'dutchies'. But we can't find the 360 version from the game in the top 10.'

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Lord_Ranos3323d ago

Are the BOTS still playing sales? lol

glennc3323d ago

a game like Tekken will always sell better on PS3, and an FPS will sell better on 360. the games may be 95% the same on each console but the user base is different. nobody ever seems to consider this

unrealgamer583323d ago

actually it's selling more on the ps3 because it's easily recognized with the playstation brand.

Zuhk3323d ago

It's because of the controller. Xbox is the worst console for fighting games.

3322d ago