Sony made great strides with GOW I&II updates

Man has Sony done a 180 in marketing or what? After a abysmal launch of the Playstation 3 and 3yrs of struggling to get any traction. Well now they've completely turned things around with the launch of PS3 slim and a great new comedy driven add campaign.

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Myst3327d ago

Yes Sony certainly has done a good job in bringing forth a great game ( rather both great games via blu ray to the PS3 ).

Now one can only hope that certain other long sagas could be placed on blu ray and brought to the PS3.

Saaking3327d ago

Indeed. I hope other developers follow the lead and start releasing remastered classics for a great value. Imagine all MGS 2 and 3 remastered for 40 bucks. Or Ico and SotC with a demo of TLG. Now that would be awesome.

DRUDOG3327d ago

I'm so excited for this. I still haven't played 2 so it's going to rock. I know this is all about money, but the fan service is great. Two games upgraded to HD, one BD, trophies and a fair price point equal must buy.

moparful993327d ago

Its not all about money. If that were so then sony would charge $60 for the collection, or more. At 40 bucks it seems like they are only trying to recoup the costs of paying and indie company to port them. Think about it, two of the best ps2 games ever burned to a disc remastered in HD, buttery smooth 60fps, two sets of trophies with two platinums at 40 bucks!!!! That tells me that sony is sending a big thank you to all of the fans that kept the ps3 afloat for the last 3 years... Ohhh and has anyone else noticed that this game is launching on the 3rd birthday of the ps3???? Coincidence? I think not.....

Bathyj3327d ago

Ico, SotC and a TLG demo would be the absolute sh*t.

I own both of those games, just like GoW but would buy them again no worries. Ico especially would benefit from improved AA.

C'mon Sony, you're already getting most of my money, dont you want it all?

wxer3327d ago

getting mine in 2 weeks

cant wait

badz1493327d ago

been saying this since the announcement and the waiting is totally worth it! I was planning on buying a ps2 just for these 2 games plus SotC and ICO but now not anymore! I'll wait for the remastered version and trophies!! SONY FTW!

AKNAA3327d ago

This is the only game/ collection I'm excited for until next year.

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3327d ago
ReviewsArePolitics3327d ago

Xtards have no games to play, only DLC and multiplats that everyone else plays elsewhere

Bu bu bu teh sales oh wait

FailureRate543327d ago

Their're losing even on the sales.

Cajun Chicken3327d ago

Must have;

1. Remastered Jak games.

2. Remastered PS2 Ratchet games

Pumbli3327d ago

"3yrs", "add campaign" and "excitement in-sues"


Besides that though, nice points, the GoW Collection is going to be great and GoW 3... It's just too awesome to be true! It's really coming! :P

"After a abysmal launch of the Playstation 3" Something also sounds wrong with this, I'm still improving my English so I'm not 100% sure what it is... I could be wrong though, sorry for nitpicking. :P

Bathyj3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

It sounds wrong because its a lie. See my below post.

Also when the next word starts with a vowel or a vowel sound, we dont say "a", we say "an".

badz1493327d ago

the article over-reacted with false impression! PS3 launched was the 3rd most successful of all time if I'm not mistaken. it sold 10 mil every year! how's that abysmal??

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