GamingBolt: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Gaming Bolt writes: "The single player story for Modern Warfare 2 is absolutely stunning. Infinity Ward has kept true to there style of game development by once again making sure you never leave first person view. I enjoy cinema scenes but the level of intensity that you get through out the campaign while always being in first person view is great. Modern Warfare 2 is a direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and picks up right where Call of Duty 4 left off. Modern Warfare 2 adds a lot more to the campaign than Infinity Ward's last title including graphics as well as unique missions that you should definitely experience for yourself."

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Andrew Wiggin3325d ago

I knew this game would score high, I mean shoot look at the gameplay and the new re-defined graphics. I love the fact that we can customize kill streaks.

Saaking3325d ago

MW2 is gonna get 9+ regardless; however, this was a pretty good review. I don't think it deserves a 10, maybe a 9.

Mr Face Creamer3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

While this is one fine game, it's so sad to see the hype fall into this one... If a name such as Operation Flashpoint was the same exact game, I wouldn't expect more than 8's.

It takes guts for someone to post an early review of a hyped-game and give it a low score to a very highly anticipated game. Such as what IGN did with Haze.

Darkeyes3325d ago

Just wait till the embargo gets lifted and we get some genuine reviews...

Frankly speaking Gamingbolt is just one of the fanboy sites here on N4G who just creates articles for hits like HHG.. Not saying that 10/10 is not genuine, but their recent articles like 'Can MW2 beat UC2...' and crap was just for hits.. I hardly have a doubt in my mind that the guys at GB might be going.. "Hmmm what pisses off most of the PS3 and PC fanboys on N4G??? Hmm lets see how about a 10/10 to the most controversial game? That should bring in some hits"

The only thing stopping me from getting this game is AV.. That is why I am getting it used.

jcgamer3325d ago

i was very skeptical of MW2 earlier this year...i called it Call of Booty: Modern Retail Whorefare 2 (hehe), i said the graphics looked a hot mess after the E3 demo (lol), and i basically roasted it for being treated too special...well, i've played many great games this year, including the stunning and critically acclaimed UC2 (WOW)...and you know what? i'm ready for more! The year still isn't done, and i'm ready to have more bring it on


ctfkev3325d ago

uses the same engine as COD4, and Ive been playing the game since Thursday on PS3, and the graphics do look dated.

currently there is 30,000+ people online playing on ps3, so thats a pretty big break on the street date.

Ziriux3325d ago

They've polished the game. Who cares about graphics, the gameplay is where it is for a game, and while you may not like it, that's only 1 out of 15 million players that this game will have.

Voozi3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

"there is 30,000+ people online playing on ps3"
You know what's sad...that's more people online then I've ever seen playing Uncharted 2 online (Most I've ever seen was 13,000)

Sometimes I wonder about my fellow PS3 owners that aren't on this site lol, MW2 over Uncharted 2...sigh

I really hope people are still playing Uncharted 2 MP once this game is released

mint royale3325d ago

Good score. This WILL be a good game.

I love the amount of fanboys who haven't played the game, telling reviewers who have, that they are wrong and it deserves another score. Little kids!

Jamrock32923325d ago

Funny how half of you have not played the game but you think it doesnt deserve high grades??? Really now?

jcgamer3325d ago

i'm saying i'm wrong for roasting the game BEFORE i personally give it a chance...AFTER i play it, i will definitely have my own opinion of the game...

silvacrest3325d ago

"there is 30,000+ people online playing on ps3"
You know what's sad...that's more people online then I've ever seen playing Uncharted 2 online (Most I've ever seen was 13,000)"

what do you expect? people who played uncharted 1 only had SP (a great SP BTW) although uncharted 2 does have multiplayer, it still known for its great SP, same goes for modern warfare 2 except replace SP with Multiplayer

to further prove my point there are people on these very forums (or people who no people) who have never played the SP in MW1

ABizzel13325d ago

We all knew Call of Duty was going to be a good game, and most reviewers are going to give it a 9/10 just because it's IW's Call of Duty (unless the game was broken then it would still get 8/10).

LOL. He says the game deserves all the hype it's been getting. For the most part all the hype I've been hearing has been negative or how Battlefield is going to be better then Modern Warfare.

@ 1.7

I believe the Uncharted 2 servers are set for a specific amount of people to be on one server at a time. The number of people NEVER goes above 13,700 something, and I guess that's why there's no lag or anything in Uncharted 2. I think they purposely limit the amount of people per server, unless you bring friends which is why you sync up when friends join you.

You also have to think the game sold over 1 million copies so far World wide. People are sleep or at work or doing something else at different times around the world so the online audience isn't going to be 1,000,000 ever. But I think the server thing is what's going on with Uncharted 2. Oh and more people need to buy Uncharted 2 it should be at 3 million by 2010.

kws10653325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Sorry, but it's true.

Edit: I'd like to see GT and any other review sites talking about "Nothing new" talk about MW2.

skagrerrrr3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

No destructible environments.
Auto aim is for n00bs.
& oh yes, Bad Company 2 is gonna be better than this game.

SL1M DADDY3325d ago

Sorry to all the PC guys with hurt feelings but this game is going to be to epic to pass up. Sometimes for a great game you just got to swallow your pride and buy it anyway. Despite the few issues it has had since a few recent announcements, the game is going to melt your faces off.

ProperFunked3325d ago

beat single
played online thoroughly,

and i'd give it a 8.9 tops.
graphics=same as 4
gameplay=same as 4 with minor updates to perks,gun models,and killstreaks
story=same as 4 overall

its just a rehash, nothing warranting a fvcking 10 outta 10...fvck sake

SL1M DADDY3325d ago

"graphics=same as 4
gameplay=same as 4 with minor updates to perks,gun models,and killstreaks"

That makes me happy. Could care less about the score, but if the game is exactly the same or better than COD4, I will be playing this one for the next two years. Cool deal!

ID IR A G 0 N3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

i have played this game and it is hands down better that the last two cod games. there is a new weight in the controls which makes aiming a little (not a lot) more challenging. mp maps are crazy and take a lot of getting used to.

all the idiots that are not goin to play this game out of some weird spite or a feeling that your too good of a gamer for cod are missing out on one of the best games of the year. easy 10/10

Highwayman3325d ago

No game deserves a 10. Period. No game is perfect every game has its flaws. Good review though, just need to notch it down to a 9.7 or 9.5.

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williamkenny3325d ago

Well, it looks like another great game to come out of Infinity Ward...unless you're a PC gamer...

gameseveryday3325d ago

ten by ten. Another great classic from Infinity Ward. man this thing is turning out to be better than the original.

Ziriux3325d ago

Good review, I do not see the game getting anything less than 9.5's or else people are haters.

Reasons it deserves the score it does is simple, gameplay is amongst the best on any shooter, the graphics have been polished, the perks are new and some old ones there, the kill streak system makes me giddy. The online has added modes we all miss and love. I see it selling nicely and people getting in many sessions.

TheDarkCynic3325d ago

Really looking forward to this. It'll be the first game I've gotten seriously into competitive multiplayer for in awhile.

Ziriux3325d ago

2 more days! Wooooooooooooooooooooot! My gf is buying for me.