ModNation Racers details from the latest Qore

The November episode of Qore comes loaded with brand new details and video on United Front Games' upcoming PlayStation 3 racer, ModNation Racers. Of the new information given, we've assembled the most important.

The game features both split-screen and twelve-player online racing as well as a story mode written by professional Hollywood writers.

What makes this game unique is the character, track and kart customisation. Customization looks simple, but is very in-depth. Character customisation includes the ability to change the colour of any asset, see full animation whilst creating the character, and truly even make a character that'll look just like you.

Track customisation is easy as well; United Front created the editor so that truly anybody can use it without confusion. Once a track is created, it can be uploaded online for friends to download, who can then remix your track and re-upload it for even more creativity. If you forget where you are when creating the track, you can use an auto-complete feature to automatically finish the track for you; an auto-complete is also available for area population that'll automatically throws trees and other items down on the course. There's also weapons, ramps and more to add to the track. Weather options are also available.

The game's out 2010. LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition buyers are ensured access to the beta whenever it comes around.

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sinncross3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Split screen? Oh thank you!!!! Hopefully it is for 4 players this option and with AI bots.
This feature is sorely lacking in many racers these days.

And a script from Hollywood writers? lol that's pretty intense: i didn't expect that.

Can't wait for this. MR and GT5 makes racing in 2010 spot on for PS3 owners.

PS: I assume the rerelrease of LBP will hit EU and JPN as a 'launch' title for the PS3 'Sphere' motion controller considering the game is being patched to use the controls.

MAiKU3299d ago

Aaaaah this game is gonna be awesome.

Ravage273298d ago

Still waiting for the 4-wy splitscreen announcement, though it will not be a deal breaker if it doesn't happen. This is a guaranteed day 1 purchase

cliffbo3300d ago

i can't see it having the diversity of LBP, but it's certainly going to be interesting to see what people can come up with that the devs never expected

Rev Jesse Custer3299d ago

Should I be excited about this game?

Bilbo653299d ago

Kart racing with an amazing editor, online, split-screen and a story mode written by Hollywood writers whats not to be excited about?

MAiKU3299d ago

Play, Create, Share outside the box.

StrboyM3299d ago

LBP is "Win" in my book. day one pick up for me.

looks awesome also

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