Uncharted 2: A Eight Days rip off? (or vice versa?)

GB writes: "Well in 2006 Sony announced a game which will be totally packed with action oriented scenes. The game was know as Eight Days, but unfortunately the game was canceled since Sony wanted to concentrate on other major gaming products. Just recently it was revealed that game might not have been canceled . No one knows when this game will actually come out, but we at analyze the game and found some similarities with Uncharted 2. Now..."

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TheGrimBunny3321d ago

i had never heard of eight days before i read this article.

gameseveryday3321d ago

Well 8 days is a game which is under development by SCEE, it was canceled before but now again we got news that its under production. It generated a lot of hype since in 2006 it displayed great character animations.

vhero3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Yeah like Halo is a Quake Rip Off (look at the stuff they comparing then compare Halo to Quake they also have a lot of similarities but are different games). Honestly what a stupid article. These 360 fanboys are really nit picking at the ps3 right now and they can't find anything negative so they are making crap up.

jcgamer3321d ago

They never were cancelled, just put on hold...can't wait to see more from both graphically stunning games...

Saaking3321d ago

I think UC2 perhaps used some stuff from Eight Days, but it is in NO way a ripoff.

morganfell3321d ago

Uncharted 2 builds so firmly on Uncharted DF there is a very clear evolution.

Idiotic article.

Is gamingbolt owned (of course they are...constantly) by the same teenagers that run dualshockers?

Applegate3321d ago

You must be a stupd fanboy to NOT see that they look VERY familiar.

Saaking3321d ago

They don't look similar, it's just the animations. UC2's animations are similar to those shown in the eight days tech demo. It's a known fact that Sony devs help each other out therefore, UC2 built on UC, but added some tech from Eight Days.

willie323321d ago

In other words, an action game that looks and plays like an action game, are you serious? That is like saying all games play the same since they fit under the category of "video game."

DarkMantrid3321d ago

No no no. Its Killzone 2 that riped it off! Just look at those destructable pillars.
Actually maybe its NFS:shift that ripped it off. I saw a car!

morganfell3321d ago

@Saaking - And we know how ND uses animations that are absolutely 100% their own work. They are the masters of MOCAP.

This article is just another desperate and vain attempt to slow down the inevitable and inexorable march toward the UC2 GOTY award all the while trying to replace their "PS3 is teh doomed" articles.

jmare3321d ago

How do you rip off something that doesn't exist? Yes, a trailer of Eight Days was shown before Uncharted came out, but what does it mean? Nothing you can't rip off something that is only a concept, especially an unoriginal concept. There have been cover-based 3rd person shooters before. The article is bullshit.

Is it me or did one of the guns sound like a jackhammer?

lordgodalming3321d ago

Gamingbolt: A Gamespot ripoff?

GrandTheftZamboni3321d ago

How can "Vice versa" even be implied since UC2 just came out, and Eight Days footage is quite old?

GrandTheftZamboni3321d ago

"i had never heard of eight days before i read this article."

Many haven't even heard of that game, but Naughty Dog somehow managed to copy it.

DaTruth3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

It's not a ripoff per se, but the seemless transition from gameplay to cutscenes was a big standout of the Eight Days gameplay.

They probably used some of the technology from that game, but the Uncharted 2 use of these transitions was very linear, whereas the Eight days use was suppose to be less linear in its execution. If you run out of ammo, it transitions to a cutscene where your partner throws you the ammo, but If you are not in that same place the next time you play, it will generate the cutscene to where you are and he might have to throw it a little further but it would appear different!

In short, it is generating cutscenes on the fly, is the only way I could explain it!

For all who haven't heard of this game, just type it into Youtube. They have a really good tech demo too!

NickIni3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

God this article is stupid.

How is having co-op in the game proof? Or a 3rd person cover system? Or an action packed storyline? Those are things a countless number of games have.

The only legitimate point they made was the one about animations, which do look quite similar, but then again, both are 3rd person and will have been designed using real life models.

xTruthx3321d ago

This guys are talking about a game that didn't even released and based their opinions on 2 trailers ? That's professional journalism /s

lsujester3321d ago

Both of these games have a 3rd person cover system, which make both of them a Kill.switch ripoff.

I hate stupid articles.

venomcarnage893321d ago

how the SEQUEL of a popular game be a rip off of another game.

frostypants3321d ago

When I want to read child-like analysis of the latest gaming trends, all written at a 5th grade level, I turn to

Can N4G ban sites from submissions? Because gamingbolt is f**king ludicrously terrible. Enough already.

mal_tez923321d ago

Eight days isn't out yet and might not ever come out, so how can something rip it off?

While I think Uncharted 2 is he greatest game ever, I am just realising how underrated Uncharted 1 was. The games are very similar and yet Uncharted 2 recieved a lot more praise. The only difference is that Uncharted 2 has stealth gameplay and a lot more epic action moments, the rest of the gameplay is nearly identical. Before Uncharted 2 came out, Drake's Fortune was my favourite game, and people thought I was crazy; but now if I say Uncharted 2 is my favourite game they completely understand, which is weird considering how similar they are.

Anyway, the Uncharted series is not a rip off, and people are just making heaps of Uncharted 2 articles where the same thing could be said about the original.

sikbeta3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

When I have the chance to play both (UC2 done) and 8 Days turn out to be awesome like Uncharted, I'll don't even care lol

I really want to see the face of this article writer when it comes out:

-"but both have gunfights" lol

LastDance3321d ago

How can a game that has been released be a rip off of a fantastical game?

badz1493321d ago

what about making a 'real' article rather than these stupid articles twice a day?

Christopher3321d ago

Yes... Uncharted 2... a rip off of a game that technically doesn't exist...

Astounding logic!

Sevir043321d ago

The title should read, "Uncharted 2: "AN" not "A" Eight Days Rip Off..."

Simple grammar lessons in 2nd grade would tell you that "An" is always followed by a word that begins with a vowel and not a consonant... Lame title normally equals lame attempt at troll journalism, and this article totally fits the billet of lame. You cant rip off something that wasn't original to begin with. There were so many games that are 3rd person action oriented. Besides 8 days was something totally conceptual at the moment and never came to fruition.

hay3321d ago

Sooooo, well made game is now accused of being a rip-off? Stupidity surprises me every day.

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gameseveryday3321d ago

A sense of similarity surely exists between the two games. It might just be the case where the developers would have shared the ideas since Uncharted might have been a more premium product for them rather than 8 days.

sinncross3321d ago

Its all honesty its just the animation similarities the article can go on.. everything else is just picking at straws.

and yes, I noticed when UC2 was being shown off in different builds that animation looked similar to 8D. So what? Different devs working for Sony share resources.

Obviously when 8D was put on hold the decision was taken to help out the ND team to make as good a game as possible so resources were shared. Doesn't make either game less of a game.

GrandTheftZamboni3321d ago

They are both supposed to be a "rip-off" of real life physics. Hence a similarity.

Christopher3320d ago

Rashid, can you tell me where I can pick up my copy of 8 Days in order to make the same assessment you did?

gameseveryday3321d ago

Here is the video that was shown at E3 2006, you will know why it generated alot of buzz, back than:

Kalowest3321d ago

Does that Sh!t likes better than UC2, or is it just me. The way the game kept switching from gameplay to cut scene like was flawless, and that sh!t was a 06 build.

zerocrossing3321d ago

wow that looks better than uncharted 2 i meen you can see its graphics are outdated but the animation and everything is great hope they do make this

PS360PCROCKS3321d ago

whats up with all the disagrees?? that looked sick tho!

Rock Bottom3321d ago

That doesn't look better than uncharted, because there's nothing there, everything in that video is computer generated, no in game and not even in game engine, everything is CG, you guys just need to see a higher resolution version of that to notice it.

Trebius3321d ago

You can clearly see the aim obviously it's not ALL CG.

On top of that...if it WERE CG it wouldn't look the way it does, UC2 looks better than this footage while in-game, so to say that it's CG is pretty ridiculous.

It was definitely placed on the 'hold til later' list because it's a new name, there's already too many new games out on PS3 that are a success, so it'd be better to build on that for now and come out with this game later on in the Ps3's shelf life.

On top of that, this game probably looks 10x better now that it's not a launch work in progress anymore, the architecture behind the PS3's Cell is no longer Alien to developers, so with the sharing of information going on between 1st and 2nd party devs I'm sure this will easily be one of the top contenders for goty whatever year it comes out.

It's easy to tell only because of the fluid animations and the crazy car gun battle. (shoot wheel, car flips to its demise, SICK)

Cant wait to see what they're doing with this game behind the scenes.

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Ziriux3321d ago

meh, never seen anything on it, so i will not hold my breath, plus Uncharted 2 is doing me some good deed.

PirateThom3321d ago

I'd like to see 8 Days released if it's anything like Uncharted 2.