Critical Gamer:Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

Critical Gamer Writes: Now that the Left 4 Dead 2 demo is open to everyone, it's time to share our thoughts on Valve's latest zombie splatterer. The demo only offers a brief glimpse at what we can expect come November 18th and the release of the full game, but it's enough to whet our appetites. The demo showcases the four new survivors and some of the new weapons available, as well as the special infected we'll come up against.

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Jim Crikey3322d ago

Should be good... is it different enough from the original?

scruffy_bear3322d ago

Sounds great lets hope it's more of full game than a update

IDesertFoxI3322d ago

I'd say it's definitely different to the original. It's a very nice refinement of everything that made L4D great and with even more stuff added. I'm not too sure about the melee weapons personally. I'd rather have a ranged side arm with unlimited ammunition rather than a frying pan that means getting within striking distance, especially on the harder difficulties.

scruffy_bear3322d ago

Classic moment is hitting a Zombie with a frying pan cant beat it :)

LesThom3322d ago

The boyz are itching for some multiplayer time.

Jockie3321d ago

@ Desert fox, The frying pan is a comedy weapon from what I can tell, the Machete is great though.

IDesertFoxI3321d ago

As great as the machete is, it can not beat the brilliant twangs of the guitar thwonking (that verb should really be in the dictionary)against infected brains. But even the fantastic gibbing machete won't do a great job during a horde on expert mode, not in my hands anyway :)