Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on the PlayStation 3

Most of the PlayStation 3 games have a very strong plot and storylines. And due to that PlayStation 3 is easily one of the best platforms to have some awesome opening scenes. We pick our Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on PlayStation 3. Check them out below.

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gameseveryday3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I am happy to see Uncharted 2 mentioned in the list, The opening scene is one of the best of 2009. Nathan Drake stuck in a train after he fires some gas cylinders. Totally awesome!

ico923240d ago

i couldnt have agreed more but what about little big planet that was such an amazing opening title where your running along and the credits pop up with pictures of the cast , ontop of that you have stephen french talkin and you have the amazing music playing wow i've never played or seen anything like it in a game and it immeadiatley put a smile on my face such a charming game

lsujester3240d ago

^^^ Stephen Fry.. not French. Just so he doesn't come kill you with his awesome voice. :)

ico923240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )


yeah i just realised that now i tried to edit it but i was too late ....oh well, but any ways its still an amazing opening scene and one of my favourites

cl63AMG3240d ago

I still load up killzone sometimes just to hear visari's speech in the intro

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williamkenny3240d ago

I'm just glad that Killzone is on ther; that has an awesome opening.

Darkeyes3240d ago

Although KZ2 was the better game, but 1 had a much better opening... Here take a look yourself..

gaffyh3240d ago

Damn Visari is epic, although I prefer the ending of KZ2s opening cinematic, but KZ1's is better overall.

Aquarius3240d ago

Lol Visari looks like a little child in that 1.

SnuggleBandit3240d ago

i really wish we could have played as the helghast...their story seems so much more interesting, and they have a better cause.

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gameseveryday3240d ago

I mean no offence to Killzone 2 fans, but the opening was OK, I agree that it looked spectacular, but I guess Infamous should have been placed above it.

williamkenny3240d ago

Well I agree with MGS trumping them all anyway, I guess Infamous was a bit better than KZ...

The Emperor3240d ago

Yeah MGS4 had a great opening scene, it really got you engaged right away

Ziriux3240d ago

Great opening indeed for Killzone 2, Halo 3 wasn't too bad either, you got to see the chief wake up and get right into action. I love action right of the bat.

theEnemy3240d ago

Loved that Heavenly Sword intro.

Pretty underrated game if you ask me.

TwelfthCrusader3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I love MGS4 but I don't the thing the intro is as good as Heavenly Sword and Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 leaves you hanging from a falling train, it gives you a sense of rush and excitment. Heaveny Sword puts you against a hundreds of enemies which is a great way to open a game like that.

I'm not saying MGS4 has a bad opening though because the opening is excellent and as a big fan of the series I was amazing while playing/watching the start.

Call of Duty 4 should have been mentioned in the list though.

Edit: Didn't mean to reply. Just a generall comment.

Kratos2153240d ago

Myabe give insomniac a crack at it or the sucker punch team

theEnemy3240d ago

yeah, too bad Team Ninja don't have any plans for a sequel. :(

Heavenly Sword had been released ahead of it's time. If it were to be released this year, I think it will get the attention it deserves.

NeoCloud3240d ago

theEnemy ---- u mean NinjaTheory not TeamNinja [those are the guys behind NinjaGaiden]. Anyway its upto SONY [they own the game], i would love if the GodOfWar guys did it, that would be so cool or NaughtyDog [ that would even cooler]. I think Sony should make a SuperSmashBros kinda game for the PS3 with all the SONY Characters fighting it out [NathanDrake,Nariko,Kratos,Jak ,etc].

theEnemy3240d ago

oops, my bad. yes it was Ninja Theory.

Thanks. ;)

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