Is the Xbox360 the Dominant Console?

"The gaming industry is as unpredictable as any other, especially since Nintendo discovered whole new target audience with the advent of the Nintendo Wii. What the Wii did was bring bot a positive and negative to the status quo, ie, the present situation. where as developers tried to cash in, shovel ware appeared. Now my question today is, if a console is not selling more than its competitor, is it really dominant"...

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chewy3173327d ago

30 percent failure rate
Most expensive console.
lack of true exclusive games.(most are timed)

If it is dominating, then.......

MAiKU3327d ago

What an irritating excuse for an article. There are so many factors missing from what the author is stating, or trying to state.

Xeoset3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

It has the most games.
It has the biggest selection of games.
It has the best online when it comes to consoles.
It has the best online/offline services.
It no longer has the famed failure rate.
It boasts the most software features.
It is customisable to your own experience.
Etc, etc.

Watch someone try to rip this apart with babble. :)

EDIT: Lawl at all the Sony fanboys reporting this.

BadboyCivic3603326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )


you are on N4G bud,ofcourse ur going to lose bubbles...

but as for 360 being dominant?
i dont think there is a dominant console like the PS2 last gen..
i like competition, we gamers win

3326d ago
kingjoker343326d ago

Xeoset -
It has the most games. (if you count the games on market place..which arent that great btw)
It has the biggest selection of games. (same as number 1)
It has the best online when it comes to consoles. (what makes it so much better? online is online, all consoles connect to games via internet, yours just cost $50..)
It has the best online/offline services. (Not anymore, since it was leaked that PS3's gettin x-game chat, and netflix.)
It no longer has the famed failure rate. (yes but after how many years?)
It boasts the most software features. (what software features does it boast that makes it the best console?)
It is customisable to your own experience. (and how is that? your own theme? sorry ps3 gets that to.)

deadreckoning6663326d ago

No, its the Wii. Why so much debate?

evrfighter3326d ago

as much as I'd not like to say anything remotely good about a console made of shoddy hardware. You just know Bobby Kotick will be looking at 360's MW2 sales before any others.

That's all I'll say.

Xeoset3326d ago

It has the most games. (if you count the games on market place..which arent that great btw)

It has the biggest selection of games. (same as number 1)

It has the best online when it comes to consoles. (what makes it so much better? online is online, all consoles connect to games via internet, yours just cost $50..)

It has the best online/offline services. (Not anymore, since it was leaked that PS3's gettin x-game chat, and netflix.)

It no longer has the famed failure rate. (yes but after how many years?)

It boasts the most software features. (what software features does it boast that makes it the best console?)

It is customisable to your own experience. (and how is that? your own theme? sorry ps3 gets that to.)

Keep it coming.

Xeoset3326d ago

Look at my first comment:

Agree = 5 people with common sense
Disagree = 3 people with multiple accounts

Yay for the SDF!

sikbeta3326d ago

-"Yez, becauze haz XzGzChats and invitez and we only havez to payz $50 per yearz, butz we don't carez if we already putz money on fixz the RRODz or buyz another and natal iz cool becauze you needz to play in a ztadium to have freedom of move and Haloz is Haloz and Forsa iz really cool even if the damage zuckz hard and banjo kasooie iz much better than any wii game (the irony of RARE) and we lovez valve gamez"

-Wake UP kid, that's really crappy!!!!

-"NO, you are a liar, MZ iz perfectz, we lovez Microzoft, iz our live Z"

-But kid, your console can't even last more than 1 year of use lol

-"don't laugh at me...mommy.... tell him to go!!! iz altering my fragile and sensitive mind"

-Chill out kid is just a game, don't take it serious


waltercross3326d ago

Actually the Wii has the most Games.
760 Wii Games alone, not counting Gamecube etc.
Sure while most Wii games are Considered weak, It
still has the most so this part of your arguments
is void.

Wii has the Most Consoles Sold this Generation.

The PS3 Has a Great Online service that does just
about everything online that the 360 does and more for
FREE, so this argument is void to.

All and all It's all a matter of Opinions, so that is my

I Think all 3 Consoles are good and dominant in there
own cool ways.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

The thing is that sales don't equal quality and I say Sony is dominating in quality and Microsoft is dominating in quantity. I'll take quality over quantity any day because that means you're getting your money's worth. What I don't agree with the article is this,

"They [Microsoft] were the first to bring to us HD real like amazing graphics, an aspect Wii failed to deliver."

- Is the Xbox 360 the dominant console..., Wii Gamerz

From what I remember Microsoft tried to sell High Definition without having an HDMI port until the launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2006 when Sony educated everyone on the topic that you can't display High Definition graphics through am AV cable, lol. Remeber the introduction to the Elite SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) with the HDMI port/120GB HDD and the broken XBOX 360's being returned with an HDMI port, lol?

HTML: Microsoft Confirms HDMI Port on X360 Premium Model, Not Core (Updated):

In the end Microsoft lied a lot when they first introduced the XBOX 360, while the Wii is targetted at a specific audience. As with the PlayStation 3 they're the only ones that actually stayed closest to their promises, even through Sony did lie about the nitti gritty aspects of their console.

Aquarius3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

the very one in the middle is.

the black 1 where its showing itself in all its glory.

thats the console that suits all my gaming needs.

"I'll take quality over quantity any day because that means you're getting your money's worth."

Nice 1. Something 360fanboys can't comprehend.


Pumbli3326d ago

I don't really think so, I mean it has some great features, but so does PS3.

Xeoset - Give the caps button a rest, not only does it make you sound like a 6 year old who's learning how to use a keyboard but it also makes no sense to use it here.

Look, you like the 360 and that's great, it's a great console and you're pretty much a smart gamer regardless of your console of choice. Some say only 360, some say only PS3, some say Wii and others all 3. But give it a rest man, no one's gonna read your comment and think "Holy damn! That guy's so right, I'm gonna sell my PS3 and get a 360 now!"

ReviewsArePolitics3326d ago

They try so hard to justify their purchase. You know, at least PS3 and Wii owners never have to change the reasons they purchased their console for, because all of the good games on their platforms of choice are guaranteed to remain there: Mario, Zelda, Metroid; Uncharted, Resistance, LBP; Hell, MGS4 will not get a 360 port because Microsoft was stubborn enough not to put Blu-ray on it, so even some 3rd party PS3 games will never arrive to 360.

You could say you bought it for Halo 3/ODST, but if you played Halo 2, what are you missing? Nothing else is guaranteed Microsoft exclusive (Gears of War is owned by Epic, not MSFT) or a killer app (Fable, Rare Shovelware) or even 360 exclusive (Fable 1 made it to PC, Halo 1 and 2 made it to PC, Gears made it to PC, Alan Wake will). They even have to pay for a free service.

Who here does NOT have a PC? Your PC can most likely run Crysis now in low settings, which means it can run pretty much every game in the market. No need to pay for LIVE or a 360 as every game will eventually reach PC. Except Forza maybe, but why settle for sloppy seconds when you can get the *DEFINITIVE* GT5? ;)

Just admit that the only reason you bought the 360 for is superiority in "some" multiplats that don't push the boundaries of current tech, and for "some" timed exclusives which you would have played eventually anyway if you had gotten a PS3 or a moderately capable PC; you would have also gotten the chance to buy games that will never arrive on your platform of choice (Diablo, Sims, Warcraft, Starcraft, and all the SCEI exclusives). Hell, even a few unique games if you had a Wii.

A 360 fanboy told me by PM that he wants "Revenge" on Sony due to its "lies". That he wants the "smartest" to win and that Sony isn't. I assume he implies Microsoft is a very "smart" and original company, not to mention "not liars". lmao

Why would anyone buy a 360 again?

Aquarius3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

everything you said was spot on.

there is no reason to own a 360 in the 21st century when you have something which can be called a TripleAstation.

It is a fire hazard after all and its just a rip-off.

[ yes even motion controls ;) ]

MAiKU3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Aren't you just trying a bit too hard??? It's like you're afraid of something.

Proxy3326d ago

It has the most games.
The games cost less.
It has the best online/offline services.
It boasts the most software features.
It is customizable to your own experience.

sikbeta3326d ago

To the disagree fairies:

evrfighter3326d ago

"They try so hard to justify their purchase. You know, at least PS3 and Wii owners never have to change the reasons they purchased their console for,"

Don't speak for all ps3 owners. I regret buying mine. I could have had a second LED monitor instead...Or had a good chunk of cash for a 5870.

Though I just bought a used uncharted a week ago. It helps kill time for about an hour every other day. the damn auto aim really throws my aim off. Can't understand why you guys need it.

Sheikh Yerbouti3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

are funny. Thanks for the laugh Xeo, but I personally don't think dominant is something any console can be called right now except for the Wii sales.

DaTruth3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

There is no dominant console this generation! I think that has played out well for all of us!

Except maybe having a dominant console would have ended this fanboy war, but that didn't happen last time around! It only made them more rabid this time around with preemptive strikes too!

ReviewsArePolitics3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Uh, evrfighter, your lack of reading comprehension skills shows. Nobody asked you if you regret buying a PS3 or not. I'm talking about the reasons for buying a PS3, not for "non-reasons"; 360 fangirls used to list many exclusives as reasons they bought a 360 for, and most of those got the port treatment, so they've been constantly changing it; Gran Turismo and God of War are guaranteed to be PS3 exclusive, and so is every new IP made by Sony including Uncharted, LBP, Killzone and Resistance.

You must be bitter if you don't really like your PS3, and really dumb if you say "but I like my 360 though". If you "regret" buying a PS3, then you must not have had a good reason to have bought one other than bickering about it, and you're not really a dedicated PS3 owner. I question the validity of your statements by further looking at your pathetic comment history.

Tito083326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

U said 19% failure..... thats still more than the others, let me show u this link if u're tellin the truth about the failure rate!!!!

lowcarb3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

"Actually the Wii has the most Games.
760 Wii Games alone, not counting Gamecube etc.
Sure while most Wii games are Considered weak, It
still has the most"

Actually 360 has the most games and since your throwing in weak titles then add the hundreds of community games that help double what wii or ps3 have to offer.

edit: Will the people claiming PS3 does everything 360 does please just hush up for 1 sec lol. It does not match 360 in many areas and in no way offers more quality. If the ps3 offered better quality then multiplats for example would be light years ahead and not behind the 360 version.

badz1493326d ago

dominant like PS2 dominant? NO and far from it! NO console this gen is considered as dominant yet but maybe the Wii which sold as much as the other 2 combined but PS2-like dominant? too early to tell!

el zorro3326d ago

Xeoset and Lowcarb are correct, the 360 does have the most games.

Using Metacritic (it isn't a 100% complete listing, but it's close enough) we see 753 games listed for the 360, while the PS3 lists 434 games and the Wii lists 515. So, Xeoset was fully correct. Nothing to debate there.

As far as the oft-chanted PS3 fanboy mantra claiming the PS3 has more quality...well, that is subjective, now isn't it? But ok, let's look at the consensus. According to the aggregate scores gathered by Metacritic, the 360 has 292 games that have scored above 75, while the PS3 has 197 and the Wii has 115.

And for those who will say that only games with scores over 90 should be considered "quality"...well, the 360 wins there too. The 360 has 24 games rated 90 or better. Meanwhile, the PS3 only has 15 games rated 90 or better and the Wii only has 9.

Ultimately, though, the question of which console offers the most "quality" is a completely subjective consideration. I only point out the Metacritic scores because I am sick of PS3 fanboys claiming "the PS3 offers the most quality" as if it were a fact, when it is clearly just an opinion. If you really insist on going outside the realm of individual opinion and start looking at the consensus represented by aggregate review scores, then the 360 wins.

moparful993326d ago

Looks like your taking a page straight from microsofts "How to spin your way to the top." book. You claim that the 360 has the most titles over 900 including other territories.. Funny thing is the 360 is region locked, you cant play games from other regions. However the ps3 is not region locked so I can buy games from any country on the planet and they will play in my ps3.. Funny isnt it?

3326d ago
SL1M DADDY3326d ago

And all the fanboys here know it. You can see how the 360 fanboys wear their fear on their sleaves as though it were absolutely necessary to argue this. It's not and I'll tell you why. The PS3 has Blu-Ray, Built-in WiFi and every console comes standard with reliability. The only reason the 360 has shown to have sold as many as it has is because of the failure rate. People that trade their broken console in using an in-store warranty is considered a sale by MS and believe me, that is something that happens by the hour wit the 360. The sales are not the same as the install base, I can guarantee that.

In the next few months Blu-Ray will completely take over and people will realize that the PS3 does everything and the sales will go through the roof. They have already shown signs of increase at a steady rate with the price drop and with each drop they will increase even more. With an install base of over 150 million, the PS2 users will be converting over soon and many have begun doing so already. You can mark my words, this holiday season will see the humiliation of the 360 on the markets near and aborad. Things are heating up and it is getting very interesting to watch the 360 fans lose their cool over this. After all, it is just a console race.

MNicholas3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

It's not just a 7800 (G70). It's a slightly over-clocked 7900GT (G71) with fewer the ROPs and added cache to absorb latency when using XDR. Due to the higher clock RSX actually has more processing power than a 7900GT.

RSX is also unique because it has access to two memory pools and two 128-bit buses.

When it is used in conjunction with Cell, it gains a pre-processors and post-processor (Cell performs both functions).

It is nothing like PC architecture.

As for which console is dominant you only have to look at average annual sales:

Wii: 18.8 Million/year
PS3: 8.7 Million/year
360: 8.3 Million/year

Redlogic3325d ago

anyone even read this article, its written terribly with craptastic grammar. I can barely read this dumb article...btw PS3 is dominant

DevastationEve3325d ago

I think it's a great machine. If it fails on you get it exchanged/serviced. If you don't want to bother with that then get a PS3. But don't buy the illusion that it's an infallible console. Everything you buy that rolls off an assembly has the potential of setting you up for a bad experience. Some manufacturer's just have better track records and more solid customer service then others.

Xbox 360 is not an unreliable console.

JD_Shadow3325d ago

You guys DO know he's just gonna come back with the old "WHAA, SDF HATES ME" line to respond again, right?

Some things never change. No use getting through to them.

TeaRunner3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I DON'T think the 360 is dominating. It is in some areas, just as the ps3 dominates other areas. You could say what you want about the pricing of LIVE, but in my opinion XBL is a step over what the PS3 currently has going on. It's not what each platform boasts of functionality, but the execution of it's services (ease of use) that makes XBL such a fluent and seamingless experience. The ps3 on the other hand has caught up and, for many, taken the lead on bringing exclusive games. The videomarket is currently in a big divide where PS3 sports both Blu-ray and digital downloads (with netflix coming), while the xbox provides digital downloads and has up until now had great success with netflix. I think xbox will continue to grow it's netflix userbase, while the ps3 may be tapping into this market when netflix becomes a download service(not a disc insert).

@moparful99: Just a quick response here: The 360 is NOT region locked. It's up to each publisher to put a region lock on they're games. That's why I can play the American NTSC version of CoD4(for example) on my Norwegian 360. Most 360 games does not have a region lock.

The Emperor3325d ago

The price of LIVe is the same thing as clothes.

Would you rather have Walmart brand, or clothes that don't have as much production value and are Cheap,
or Gucci and Ralph Lauren, which are OBVIOUSLY better. You would probably buy the Gucci or Ralph Lauren if you have the money. . .

I have both PS3 and Xbox 360, and I can tell all you who are ignorant to this subject, that LIVE boastes better online services, as well as support. For those who think LIVE isn't worth the money, I highly doubt you have played it longer than a month or just don't have REAL LIFE friends on your Friends List.

If $50 a month is SO horrendous of a price, oh please. For how much Home costs to do stuff, none of you can bring up LIVE's price without including the ungodly amount of money you pay for Home.

LANC3R3325d ago


If you think the xbox 2 is the best console... then wow. You belong to gamespot. They need more beta testers such as yourself.

XBL insn't the best experience ever. It lags. And TEKKEN 6 proves it(don't even bother using the netcode excuse, XBL LAGS). Your running out of justifying excuses. Having more people doesn't mean its better.

You and other beta testers here should STOP praising xbox2 and XBL as the second coming of Jesus.

MNicholas3325d ago

the Wii is dominant. No contest.

In terms of HD consoles alone, the PS3 is currently outselling the 360 by a huge margin and, since launch, has outsold the 360.

At the rate it's losing marketshare the 360 needs a price cut fast.

MNicholas3322d ago

Apparently thinks the following:

1) The Wii is not dominant in sales
2) That everyone's sales data (including Microsoft's) must be fake because they all say that that, since it launched, the PS3 sold more than the 360.
3) That the 360 doesn't need a price-cut to boost sales when it's back at it's usual spot at the bottom of the pack.

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playstation1233327d ago

Short answer no, A console tried to get rushed and breaks around 54.2% is a total failure.

ReviewsArePolitics3326d ago

At least, according to X-tards

3327d ago
Wiigamer4963327d ago

i agree with the article, th Xbox360 is a gamer rocking console but then again 53 million sales is a lot!

bageara3327d ago

not going too. but where did you get 53 million from?

waltercross3326d ago

He is talking about the Wii.

seifer0853326d ago

is #1, now in HD consoles things are getting interesting!

Parapraxis3326d ago

seifer085, Wii certainly is #1 in sales, I'll give you that.
But it's not an HD console.

ReviewsArePolitics3326d ago

I love that the best part about them is not the HD part, that's just the icing on the cake. IT's the fact that they actually give you more in their games in terms of storylines, genres, gameplay, DLC and production values, especially PS3. The fact that they possess huge amounts of processing power (especially PS3 :P) allows for more variety in gameplay per game than the relatively simple to play Wii, the added graphical oomph is just a good extra to have but it's not the only thing these consoles can add, contrary to what many Wii fanboys like to say.

Not to say the Wii has no games, just saying it doesn't fullfill my gaming needs the way PS360 do, especially PS3, though it has some interesting novelties in terms of gameplay.

Arnon3326d ago

That's funny. My PC (which runs games better than your PS3 most likely) does not rely on processing power. So it brings up the question of.. "Why do people continue to think that processing power is the key ingredient to making your games bigger, better and longer.

I guess when you're comparing the Wii to the PS3, then yeah, processing power would obviously make a difference... but I am so baffled that people think they're able to use processing power to compete with the PC and the 360 and whatever else.

DaTruth3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I am baffled as to how you think that nobody could build a console that relies on its processing power to enhance its games. Your PC uses its GPU for physics, the PS3 uses its CPU for physics.

Maybe you should inform yourself better, and then you won't be so baffled all the time!

Arnon3326d ago

Really now. I was aware that the RSX was an amazing piece of technology for the PS3 that allowed it to perform at a substantial level. Here's what I hear all the time.

"The RSX is a great piece of technology that is equivalent to an NVIDIA 7800." Then, people go on to state that "This game is only possible due to the processing power of the cell microprocessor." Do you even know what the Cell runs at for that matter? Do you realize gaming has never benefited from more than a quad-core?

"Your PC uses its GPU for physics, the PS3 uses its CPU for physics."

PHYSICS!? We're not talking about physics, we're talking about graphical prowess. People say games look the way they do because of the cell processor. If that's true, then why is my CPU, an e5200 Dual-core 2.5GHz running games that have better overall performance? If anything, the RSX is doing more work on an overall standpoint with graphics. The cell is just contributing to what you stated; physics and lighting... but once again, why is it my CPU which is a dual core running games at a better performance than an 8-core CPU which is APPARENTLY doing everything.

From the current things you're saying, I'm not sure even YOU know what you're talking about.

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