Assassins Creed 2 UK Official PlayStation Magazine review score

ConnectedConsoles: It seems Assassins Creed II is making some good first impressions with the first reviews being published in magazines. The Official Xbox Magazine have given it a good score, the Official PlayStation Magazine in the US gave it 5/5. Now, it's OPM UK's turn.

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Nitrowolf23328d ago

wow great score. From what i heard they really improved allot on this game from the first.

karan86243328d ago

Now Im getting exited about this game

velcry3328d ago

My main gripes with AC1 were:

- missions were too repetitive, after a few missions you kept doing the same things
- enemy AI was too predictable
- sidequests like flag-collection were... not exactly fun

And I know for a fact that reviewers already caught on to these problems the first time around. If for AC2 they can give high scores like 9/10, 10/10, it probably means that lots of things got fixed too.

Yay for developers making the effort to improve, and not just churn out another sequel.

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