MMA: Developer Interview

NowGamer has a developer interview for EA Sports MMA from EA's Winter Showcase 2009.

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Zedux3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I still can't believe when UFC approached EA they said MMA wasn't a sport and would partner UFC in a MMA game! Now they decided to join the party like sharks after blood EA saw blood (read money) in the MMA world and now will say they love the sport! Shame on those guys!

Stationfan3322d ago

Sounds a little fishy but its also a buying tactic if someone tries to sell you something, and you negotiate with them by downplaying their product, so they can lower the price.

Seeing how arrogant and coky Dana White is he probably went negotiating with his tough guy take no crap from no one approach.

Even if its true EA is eating a pie of crow, but i still feel they will deliver a more polished product they have been making leaps and bounds (Battlefield Bad Company 2). Well in the end i hope they work something out.