Forza 3 – First commercial DLC Pack Coming Early December

This DLC pack will be the start of a series of commercial download-content packs as Turn 10 plans on keeping Forza 3 fresh by releasing new cars and tracks on a monthly basis.

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Zedux3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I wonder how much this will cost and if Turn 10 wants to get as many cars as GT5 will have Forza 3 + DLC will end up costing over $500! GT5 just shows how great value for money it is!

chrisulloa3328d ago

Lol, the DLC's are like 5 dollars and they've already released 3 car packs FOR FREE.

Saaking3328d ago

Why didn't Turn 10 add more cars? GT5 has over 1000 cars and Forza 3 only has like 450. Why can't they add more?

dragonelite3328d ago

Why does gt 5 takes so long to finish.
It kinda sucks.
I mean 450 cars in 2 years
Is almost the same as 1000 cars in 5 years.
Actually Turn 10 even have a higher productivity.
with 225 cars a year so in 5 year they would have
1125 cars.

wxer3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )


"Actually Turn 10 even have a higher productivity."

it looks like you forgot that in the same time they were making
- GT5:P
- and the new engine from square 0

that’s 3 games with a big brand new engine
while turn10 used the same engine and only one game

i rather to wait an get the hole thing perfect in one disk
than getting my game full of glitches and half assed graphics
yah add to that the broken drag race ( which 360 fanboys hyped the sh1t out of it ) and a broken online

i don't want to put my game together

and thats what forza3 users is doing now

turn 10 rushed out this game because they are afraid of GT and thats a FACT

thereapersson3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Well for one, Gran Turismo 5 is going to have a track editor, of all things. I would really like to see Turn 10 do something like that.

I think it's mostly because they were limited on disc space, so they're providing all this stuff as extra DLC.

DaChinPin3328d ago

I wouldn't be so sure about that. And I'm not saying the game won't have the feature, but the last time I checked it was an unknown blog site that confirmed the feature. I'm sorry but I don't really believe in unknown blog sites for breaking gaming news like that...

Halo3 MLG Pro3328d ago

Dragonelite just pwned all you fanboys with that comment. Wow!

Keep playing screenshots sony fanboys while I'm playing Forza 3. :)

Chubear3328d ago

Isn't that kinda a parallel scenario with the gaming hardware products too? There's a pattern with MS always. It's amazing how people who support them never seem to see it.

thereapersson3328d ago

You know, you complain about fanboys, but you really bring all the hate you receive on yourself when you make comments like that...

ShiNe-Box-3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

@ 1.3

I'm not trying to start anything, but the first thing that came to mind after reading your comment was: more quantity at the expense of quality.

Anyway, it'd be better for Turn10 to shift their focus on fixing the issues gamers are having with Forza 3 rather than rushing out DLC.

Sitdown3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I am sorry, but when did you say you would be playing GT5? Ohhh, and can you post me the link for the exact pricing for all Forza 3 DLC.

beans3328d ago

"Well for one, Gran Turismo 5 is going to have a track editor, of all things. I would really like to see Turn 10 do something like that."

So Forza offers vehicle customization and then GT announces a track editor so now it's a step above lol?

aliveinboston3327d ago

Excuses for charging for stuff that comes free with other games ... like 500 cars.

I love the excuse given by Turn10 themselves for charging people for DLC.

"It takes a lot of money to model each car."


The 400 cars, various tracks, all the game code, marketing, testing and other productions cost, the cost of printing 2 DVDs, and the DVD packaging can be covered by $60!

Yet they have to charge $60 to cover the cost of modeling 140 cars in the DLC?

Awesome! Glad I dodged that bullet!

Perkel3327d ago

@ dragonelite

yeah yeah then why in 3 games they didn't even reach gt2 car count ? (600+)

btw forza is quite unfinished , lots of bugs, glitches, missing rims, weird multiplayer without low class cars (in prv there are) photomode with crappy compression ,Or this 100 tracks where actually is 20 tracks and almost 100 layouts and for highspeed benchamrk is alone 10 layouts , car models swaped before 3,2,1, start, no interior of cars from outside camera, no moving tailwings for veyron , audi tt, no animation of driver changing gears, turtle body roll , you can't paint some parts of cars, i could go on and go on.

Visit forza forum, forza isn't definitive as someone tried to lie.

It's definetly a good sim like game but it's far from being definitive.

Every part of this definitive game without painting cars was done better on other games even last gen games on ps2.

car count , gt4
track count gt4
physic Enthusia (ps2) best physic in sim consoles to date, And lots of people set bar over gt5p for better physic.
graphic you know gt5p

forza realy shines only in paint and multiplayer, everyother part isn't definitive as big G said.

@ mlg

eh i tought you are not a fanboy but you post changed my mind, you are a fanboy. With your post you just showed big sign I AM FANBOY !.

and i just one more time sum it up.

IS forza 3 a good racing/sim game ? , YES it's worth money. Buy it play it and be happy.

Is forza definitive ? eh No

3327d ago
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Bereaver3328d ago

DLC Packs to keep it "fresh"? [email protected]#%%

Turn10, trash of the century.

I'm sad that the only way M$ is making a profit is by rushing out faulty units to be the competition early, charging for Live, getting people to pay insane money for peripherals, brainwashing people to buy half @ssed items, and last but not least, re-releasing something just with a little bit of polishing and calling it a new game or new things that should have already been in the game already.

wxer3328d ago

turn 10 rushed out a half assed broken game

Ilikegames763328d ago

continue to do so as long as there are stupid bots willing to put up with Microsoft's unscrupulous practice.

JaggedSac3328d ago

There are a lot of hurt butts on N4G. Otherwise known as the PS3 fanboy playground.

CernaML3328d ago

If it's so great then why haven't any of you bought it? lol Oh how the tables have turned.

Chubear3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

As long as MS see their fanbase supporting half baked products, they'll keep pumping them out. They know their base very well.

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level 3603328d ago

I sure hope they could give all the cars for free and just use the points system on the tracks as they take more time and effort.

Fishy Fingers3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

From their blog:

"There is currently a hefty amount of DLC in the works and this will continue for as far as the eye can see."


PirateThom3328d ago

I have no doubt Forza 3 will match Gran Turismo 5's car numbers, it's just going to cost the end user about x10 the cost of Gran Turismo to get there.

KilZoneGeneralStrife3328d ago

Was a forum regular on there.and was very dissapointed when I got it,LCE forza 2 too.. ,so I wont speak for me,but for my friends that did get Forza3.Fix the fcking game 1st Turn10,then release DLC.your forum is Littered with complaints and all you do is lock those threads.theres pages and pages and pages of glitches,bugs where you have to restart the game that have just been hidden from public view.

Chubear3328d ago

To me, it's overly clear by now that the 360fanbase really don't care about the shoddy products MS pumps out to them. All they want is for MS to "win". They'll support them with any shoddy product to meet this end.

These same guys that supported Forza2&3 will come out during GT5's launch and slag it off on every forum even if the game is obviously of much higher quality than Forza3. Why? cause they don't give a damn about quality, they just want MS to "win".

If any PS3 gamer actually listens to 360fans (or those pretending to be PS3 gaming fans) then you are a fool. After supporting games like ODST & Forza3 which were obviously relatively minor upgrades to already obviously underwhelming production values from the predecessors, no 360 fan should have the gull to talk any crap about any type of PS3 game.

I'm sorry but supporting MS, IMO, has held gaming back long enough and I'm sick of it.

spacetattoo823328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Yea you can say that, but I could also say that about ps3 fans..

I bought forza 3 and I complained to turn ten. I do care about how good the game turns out.

just cause we like M$ for there FPS shooters that clearly pound on sony's, doesn't mean we won't get on there a-- for pushing out a game that is not on par with the gt series, which I do agree until they make changes to the game.


What about sony pushing blueray when it should have been downloads next, what a waste of money that is..
buy this but in 4-5 years it will be useless....

DOn't give me that crap either that you won't be able to share your downloads, all it would take is a thumb drive type of deal with the amount of gigs our harddrives have now.. then you could actually take all your games over to your friends, along with your movies and music... makes more since to have one storage medium then 3.

beans3328d ago

CHubaer funny you say that because I see it as though SOny has been the ones holding back the industry. If not for MS the PS2 would have been around 4 more years before the PS3 and online would never have happened in console gaming since the dreamcast. Community gaming, instant 1080p native, wireless controllers, netflix, downloads, better development tools, kz2, uc2, trophies, and many other services wouldn't exist if we had kept Sony's holding the industry standard because they were on top.

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