Modern Warfare 2 - Co-Op Double Console Gameplay

Here's a 1 minute video of Co-Op Double Console Gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Madusha3322d ago

Awesome, good stuff here. 3 days to release :D can't wait

Winter47th3322d ago

Can't believe Co-Op doesn't have Matchmaking, how did they get away with it..

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3322d ago

The people that are calling Modern Warfare 2 "lame" and "overhyped" are going to sound even more ridiculous when the game finally drops and stuns the entire world with its awesomeness. :D

I can't wait until this is playing on my 50" B650 Samsung plasma.

Good times are on the horizon...

divideby03322d ago

9 vs 9 in MP
2 in CoOP
graphics are the same

I just dont get those going gaga over this it live on Justin TV...there is so little diff. with the last game..

mintaro3322d ago

You serious? Graphics look incredible, at least from what i've seen in single player. And besides it is gonna be fun.

Kratos2153322d ago

Graphics aren't impressive by any means. It really looks like they went the safe route and didn't add any major upgrades. Its like they knew the masses would flock to so didn't even try. I have seen nothing that couldn't have been DLC

mintaro3322d ago

Well, new single player, upgraded multi-player, co-op, spec ops mode
Doesn't seem like all that could fit into DLC

Kratos2153322d ago

but for 60 bucks its seems like a little much, especially if the single player is very short again. I don't like the fact that they limited spec ops to only 2 players.

Cmen3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I've had the game for four days now and the BEST fps single player I've ever played...seriously all of you people on this site saying there's nothing new need to shut up and play the game before downing it. Can't wait to play online

Edit: So you think 4 player spec op would be better? Where's the challenge in that? Go play WaW 4 player co-op

Kratos2153322d ago

that i want the developers to improve with each game and not become complacent.

venomcarnage893322d ago

with kratos, IW and activision know they have harcore fans of the series and they are capitalizing on the size of the fanbase, its like halo odst, just not as bas as the odst situation was. buy it if you feel you really need it, how someone would actually defend it is beyond me.

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