Best Buy God of War Preorders Arrive

Looks as if Best Buy has just received its stock of God of War 3 preorder boxes. Supporting both versions of the title, Best Buy is offering a 10$ savings on the purchase of God of War Collection and also the preorder will net you the much talk about E3 2009 demo.

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vhero3328d ago

Why so early its not out until next year!

Esena3328d ago

Hey, the earlier they can get any sort of advertisement out there...the better. 4 months isn't toooooo long away. :)

xTruthx3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

did you guys see the poll of that site ?
It doesn't have a no, or a hell no option

theEnemy3327d ago

I think the "# Whats Modern Warfare?" pretty much says "f'ing no."


Ethereal3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Yeah, you nailed it on the head. I've updated it.

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terrorofdeath3328d ago

The temporary boxart for the standard edition pales in comparison to the Ultimate edition. Kratos looks weak on the SE.

BISHOP-BRASIL3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I don't like where this Collector Edition trend is heading... Collector Edition should add special content, not put in game content only available to people who pay a premium only to sell later as DLC, but every CE that come out now a days is the same problem.

For me, it's as bad as launch DLC at the release date. You are cutting content that should be on the disc/standard version, as I really doubt those 60 bucks don't cover already all of the development. The skin is OK, but a full mode... I'm pretty sure my 60 dollars version will come with this mode locked or with just one map or challange, so I have to buy a key after (which won't be priced proportional to what it represent in the CE premium price), even through I already had it on disc... Not fun. It was the same with MGS4 and MGO, but MGS4 alone was a huuuuuuge game. GOW3 is great, but not that long, time or content wise.

In the specific case of GOW3 we are talking 100 bucks here. 40 more than usual game. For sure it has a lot of physical goodies in there, 2 soundtracks (one of the entire trilogy and the Blood and Metal EP), a full-length documentary of the franchise, art book... Even considering Arena with 7 challanges and a skin... 40 bucks worth?

Sony says this is based on fan feedback. If by fan feedback they mean that research on their site that we all voted, I'm pretty sure GOW and GOW2 bundled won by far, looks like thy just decided it was soo much that they should sell it to us full priced, instead of as extras in a CE... That's a shame, for 40 bucks premium over the standard version, that would be a much better option. It would be really worth the price. They also could just make it worth with more merchandising, maybe a action figure of Kratos, t-shirt, actual COLECTABLE stuff, and take the game content out of it. Now those are CE I like, physical extras, something I know if I buy the CE, publisher won't sell for everybody cheaper after and that If I want to avoid it, I won't get locked out of the full experience of the game.

For sure it won't make me skip GOW3 and I'm just speculating about the worst case scenario here... Maybe GOW3 is much bigger than 1 and 2 so that no standard version will fell that content missing, maybe they price the content right to not fu*k who bought the Ultimate Edition only for it, neigher overprice it for who will buy it later. Also, GOW3 don't have multiplayer, so it really won't mess with community. But right now I'm just pretty angry because I had no intention on getting a CE by March, with that much games launching, but looks like if I don't, I won't get GOW3's full experience.


God Of F*KING War , there shouldn't be no reason to rant. To each his own, like countless ppl have said before ; No One Is Making You Buy It

Agheil3328d ago

I think you might want to write a seperate article lol

CryWolf3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Awesome! best buy already got the God Of War 3 preorders Arrive its just amazing, best buy couldn't wait to get it in the hands of consumers.

harrisk9543327d ago

I just went on the Best Buy website and it doesn't reference anything about the $10... Does anyone know? Because $30 is an awesome deal! Thanks!

Ethereal3327d ago

To get the 10$ off you must wait until the collection releases. When you go to purchase it, you need to preorder on the same transaction. The 10$ is an instant savings at the time of purchase.

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