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Submitted by kdawg222 3178d ago | screenshot

Three New Uncharted Drake's Screens

Three New Uncharted Drake Screen captures (PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)

TriggerHappy  +   3178d ago
The lightening is superb. Wow
DaTrooF  +   3178d ago
i agree
and the way he reacts to the light,anviroment,situation ect. is also amazing.
Bloodmask  +   3178d ago
I think
that Drake should try out for "Dancing with the Stars", with over 3000 animations I think he could be a contender for #1 next season.
Premonition  +   3178d ago
Cant wait
I cant wait to start the adventure in this game :)
fenderputty  +   3178d ago
This gamke is awesome
It was nice getting to download a video from the PS store too. It looks awesome on my HDTV.
DJ  +   3178d ago
Look at the detail in his hair!
I love how these PS3 titles are really coming together.
techie  +   3178d ago
The video of this bit looks good as well...nice facial animation. And this is a closeup of his hair ->

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Weed  +   3178d ago
Damn, thats some nice hair.
Cartesian3D  +   3178d ago
amazing like before..

1- Crysis
2- Uncharted

lighting effects are amazing .. multi source lighting , selfshadowing(High quality not like Assassin's creed) , incredible details , F'in nice textures , AMAZING animations.... and so on

novaIS350  +   3178d ago
Drake is teh CG

@ Cartesian, I'm almost positive Uncharted uses a global lighting engine. Which is the most realistic outdoor lighting to date IMO.
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Cartesian3D  +   3178d ago
its funny.. but after DOOM3 (Directx 9.0c) I didnt see any game that use multisource light..

in my opinion DOOM3 with more polygons and higher res textures will look SO MUCH better than many games right now.. like gears ( same genre )

uncharted is my Fav game right now :) ... Im waiting for e3 to see another GODs in GFx ( KZ )
ALIEN  +   3178d ago
This game looks good. E307 is going to be great. But the one that i really want to see is KILLZONE 2, because i already know that HALO 3 is a HIT.
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3178d ago
If thats taken from actual gameplay................
WOW! :)
techie  +   3178d ago
Nobody has asked if they want to see this video hehe oh well. Your loss (unless you've seen it). Ps. to make this VERY clear the game model and cinematic is exactly the same. Rich (the character designer) has stated this himself...but they havent decided whether they will upres the cinematic model...Rich says that at the moment the model is holding up so well in gameplay, that they don't think they're going to bother: and are just going to keep them the same.
griff  +   3178d ago
deep !
you sure know a lot about this game...
do you talk to the dev often ?
if so could you ask them to make the woman protagonist more beautiful and hotter :), i'm sure that could widen the audience, i think...
techie  +   3178d ago
he's already stated that they've changed the character model a little. BUT they want the game to be realistic, and not like everyother game with bueatiful women, and space marines wearing heavy armour. She looks a lot better in recent pics than she used to. I know you'll just dig her character.
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griff  +   3178d ago
finding a hot babe in a jungle is a rare occurrence, but it's still quite realistic for me :).
i've seen some girls in fear factor which both tough & good looking.
nevertheless i'll still buy this game even without a hottie included when i have ps3.

Bathyj  +   3178d ago
Given the graphics we've seen from Sonys games I shudder to think what KZ2 is going to be like.
And not just graphics either. The biggest difference between the two systems for me isn't the grahics, its all the underlying, supporting systems that help sell the scale and realism of the world. The animation in this game is a good example. The emergant gameplay from the physics engine in Little Big Planet is another.

I'll probably lose another bubble for saying this cos I lost one just for talking about Forza 2 but I have not seen a real next gen game on Xbox yet and its getting close to 2 years. I've seen nothing done that couldn't have been done on PS2 or Xbox1, other than better graphics. Dead Rising would be about the closest given the amount of charactors onscreen, but then its not like the AI is very smart and that game got old really fast for me. I love the GRAW games, but other than the Picture in Picture theres nothing amazing there. Good fun though. I'm not knocking XB, it has heaps of fun games, but how many if any can really be called Next Gen. I think maybe Bioshock or Mass Effect might be their first, but I need to see more on them.

I think Motorstorm was my first real example of a next gen game due to the chaotic nature of the gameplay thanks to top notch physics and the most evil AI in a racing game yet. The huge environments help too, not your standard narrow tracks we were used to. Other games like Uncharted and Lair look to be on track too. These are games that just couldnt be done previously on older hardware.

PS3 is stretching its massive legs in the first year. It certainly bodes well for the future. I laugh at people who say its not a games machine just because it can do more. Thats like saying your new Cellphone isn't a real phone because you can listen to music, watch video and surf the net on it.

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