Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Media Blowout

MEGamers: "If you had been following us, like you should…religiously, then you must be aware that MEGamers had gotten their grubby hands on a grey market US edition copy of this year's most awaited and anticipated title – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We promised you exclusive videos and now it's time to deliver on them.

After a long gaming session with Infinity Ward's shooter, and cleaning of our drool off the floor, we managed to capture gameplay footage of the single player, multiplayer and Spec-Ops campaigns and have neatly wrapped them on a playlist below for your viewing pleasure."

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LukaX233321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

People have been talking so much crap about MW2 yet this story gains a bunch of N4G degrees in minutes.

And this is the first comment too...

Dutch Boogie3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Dude do you think if this was another game with similar mechanics + superior graphics (BF:BC2) would gain this much hype? HELL NO!. This game is average at best and i wouldn't give it anymore than an 8/10. I'm just being real man. How can a game with the same gameplay elements, graphics and short campaign as it's 2007 counterpart get away with so much?

Now ask yourself, how much will CoD:MW3 cost?

RockmanII73321d ago

Activision would never make a MW3. Seriously, who do you think they are, Money hungry douchebags... oh wait

LukaX233321d ago

Nah I got one extra bubble that I normally never use. It's all good.

Danteh3321d ago

First of all I'd like to tell to everyone that thinks that the terorist level is "sickening", "tasteless" or "unnecessary" that they are a bunch of hypocrites.

This scene is necessary to show you all of he story and I personally think it's a great advance in videogames. Films do this all the time, and now this shows that storytelling has matured and reached "film" levels.
I even saw one guy who said "I don't mind slapping a hooker around in GTA but this"... you do realize that killing civilians in GTA is generally not necessary and still do it. And yet in MW is a crucial level for the plot (and you can even skip it...)

I'm not pro/anti violence in videogames, but I actually think that the ppl who are NOT "absolutely sickened" are the ones who DONT have issues, since they can distinguish perfectly between reality and fiction. Now, if it affects you that much, it probably mean that unconsciously you are afraid that you could do that in real life..

KimoNoir3321d ago

Dutch Boogie, if that were a reason to apply to why modern warfare 2 deserves an 8 out of 10, then your reason would apply to the majority of games that came out this generation that releases a continuation in the series. There are multiple high rated games that receive 9^/10 this generation that releases a second and third part in its series but, the difference is the slight graphics boost, new story line, better multiplayer etc.

These slight changes and additions are small to add but, added diligently as more than something you can simply add through DLC.

If Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is boring and not worth your money because, you move and shoot just like you do in COD4, then you're not looking past moving and shooting and graphics. The additional things and tweaks added to the game are those small changes that make a huge difference.

What is it about Call of Duty 4 that we loved so much? The gameplay.
The solution to the sequel is to keep the gameplay and improve upon it.

There you go, if you give it a 8/10, then you put it there with the average mediocre games that are no where equal as this game.

dragonelite3321d ago

haha then ill give uncharted 2 a 8.

callahan093321d ago

Where are the reviews for this game? Never before has there been a game with this much hype and attention that STILL hadn't gotten reviewed within 2 days of when it comes out. So weird.

Dark_Vendetta3321d ago

It looks like the reviews will come Monday 12pm, at least that's what gametrailers says. Really weird

Mufaddal3321d ago

There is a strict embargo on reviews. It cannot be published till the launch date.

callahan093321d ago

I understand that it's an embargo. Maybe I shouldn't have posed my question how I did. Why the hell is the embargo until launch date? It makes no sense. People would generally like to know how a game is earlier than that. Why don't they want people to have access to opinions about the game until after the game's already out?

RockmanII73321d ago

Precautionary. If the game gets low reviews, all the hype will sell millions of copies before anyone even hears of any reviews as apposed to if the game gets low reviews and everyone gets a chance to see why it would sell less.

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