Big Download Review: Torchlight

Big Download writes: "If you're itching for an action hack-and-slash role-playing game to hold you over until Diablo III releases, then you can't do much better than Torchlight. Developed by Runic Games, with a team comprised largely of people that worked on the original Diablo and Diablo II, this is probably as close as one can get to a Diablo-esque experience without actually summoning the Lord of Terror. Even the music is reminiscent of Diablo. That's not to say that Torchlight is any kind of rehash. The game generally carries a light tone, thanks largely to its cartoonish art style and bright colors. Even in the deepest depths of the mines that run underneath the town of Torchlight, with the blood setting turned on, you won't find a creature that can be characterized as horrific or scary, so the game does a good job of standing out on its own."

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