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Submitted by drtysouf21 3181d ago | article

Why Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Are Their Own Worst Enemies

Cruncharcades's Peter Suciu Says:

When this round in the video game console wars first began at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, this reporter's reaction was that one company was arrogant (Sony), one company was desperate (Microsoft) and one company was clueless (Nintendo). Fast-forward to today, and all three of the hardware manufacturers are looking a wee bit foolish. Each has a chance to win this thing – possibly for good – but all they can do is make mistakes and missteps. (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

PS360WII  +   3181d ago
so the -Wii should keep it simple
-PS3 should show off some big games and be like Wii and also not say to much
-360 should make hdd standard

...least that's what I got out of it
gta_cb  +   3179d ago
TruthHurts  +   3181d ago
gamers have became their worst enemies.
Maddens Raiders  +   3181d ago
.............(.........) -
Good read drtysouf. I must say I was a little surprised by the quality of writing and deft indifference from crunchgear on this one.
carlman23  +   3181d ago
Fairly unimpressive analysis...
There's a lot more to the current console race than a few key titles...

If the Wii keeps it overly simple, they're going to quickly slide right back into where the GameCube was. The 'casual' market they're courting is finicky and unpredictable, how will they be able to market blockbuster games to people who don't really care (look at the sales of Twilight Princess).

Sony just needs to stop screwing up on every single front. They've also gotta get some serious exclusives. Honestly, they've priced their console so damned high that I'm not sure why they'd bother going after the casual market at all... seems like a lost cause until the price drops.

Microsoft has to steal Sony's thunder and expand beyond the hardcore online market (why not some more online co-op games eh?). Umm, and there's more to MS's line up than Halo. That was a pretty ridiculous comment considering that MS has more exclusives announced for their console than the other two.
Saint Sony  +   3181d ago
I'm sure this person will be hired by Sony, MS or Nintendo anytime now... NOT.
Russbomb  +   3181d ago
"Movie studios are already looking at digital downloads and other means of delivery for HD content, so whichever format “wins” won’t be ruling for long anyway."
Ha ha ha ha ha?
Is this guy serious? First of all it will take like days to download a HD movie with 56k modem and US is 20th in the world of percent of people who have broadband. And also it takes a while to download HD movies even with borad band. Another thing though fiber optics are good, they are a while down the road in terms of internet download times being faster because of them. like 15 years.
This is a foolish mortal
ITR  +   3180d ago
I would've agreeded with you last yr since I was still on dialup here.
But this yr. ATT and BellSouth have really expanded broadband.

You kinda have to search for dialup now here.

If you can't get DSL or Cable then there is always WiFi service and Directway.
sjappie  +   3181d ago
I know it's off topic but,
does anybody know what happened to the Hour of Victory demo. It was supposed to come out today.
gta_cb  +   3179d ago
i saw it on LIVE for a day or so, but there has been news about them taking it off. last time i checked it was there, but i am now about to check for you. brb
macalatus  +   3180d ago
Second 'Video Game Industry Crash' Imminent?
Worst comes to worst: If all three companies screw-up in their vain attempt to be the "No.1", consumers might fight back, creating another athmosphere which drove Atari out of the console business back in the mid-80s and imploded the entire video game industry. The "Nintendo Era" which proceeded after that (and which we are now currently in) might be coming to an end!
Russbomb  +   3180d ago
like I said
THe US is 20 th in the world in percent of people who have broadband internet, which is still slow for downloading HD movies.
it will happen just not until fiber optics come along which will not be for a while
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3179d ago
I would realy like Nintendo to come out with an HD version of the Wii
I bought HD cables for my PS2 a while back and it makes a considerable differance in quality on my screen. I don't see why Nintendo can't come out with another sku. As for the PS3, I wont be bashing that today (made a promise to a friend, He said I was a little harsh on you guys recently) As for the 360 I think it preety much lives up to it's name, the only thing I can think of is that the 20gb harddrive is a little expensive since you can get the 120gb for $80 more (If we were paying $100 per 20gb that would be $600, DROP the price MS) Other than that it's a gem of a console more so if you like online (which is like crack to me)

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