GeneralGames: The Beatles Rock Band Review

As a complete historical experience The Beatles: Rock Band hits every nail on the head. Fans and appreciators alike will swoon all over again, while newcomers to the music will gain some appreciation for the mark they left on modern music. The campaign, structured as a historical memoir, does a great job of injecting story in to a traditionally hollow genre and a the ease of use features make this the first music game almost anyone can enjoy.

It's a big disappointment the songs aren't exportable to Rock Band 2 and it's a shame there are a few pinnacle tracks missing but a minor allowance is given to Harmonix simply for bringing the impossible-to-license music to the video game crowd. For those 30 people out there who can't stand The Beatles' music, this is clearly not a game for you, but for anyone with even a passing interest in the band this is a must play.

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