Koku Gamer WET Review

Slow motion, dual-wielding gunplay is such a staple in gaming these days that John Woo has had to relinquish ownership. However, there are the games that do it right and there are the games that get it woefully wrong, Wet lands face first in the middle.

Wet is the new IP from developers Artificial Mind and Movement, which follows Rubi's tale of betrayal and murder through a world imagined in the style of Quentin Tarantino. Rubi is a no holds barred femme fatale with the language of a sailor and acrobatics that put ninja's to shame. These acrobatic moves are the name of the game. Whether you're wall running, sliding or just diving through the air, Rubi will enter slow mo the second you pull the trigger. The more kills you rack up, the greater your multiplier becomes, which in turn allows you to upgrade yourself with new moves and slow motion circumstances.

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