Gamestyle: Borderlands Review

The word of Borderlands is really quite striking. Graphically excellent, it has this weird cartoon like look to it, as if it's stepped straight out of a graphic novel. Wonderful vistas stretch out before you and the characters that inhabit it all have their unique feel and traits. The world in question is called Pandora and the ultimate goal is, as one of the characters you choose at the start, to find a hidden vault that contains alien technology. The characters you get to choose from are your generic bunch of rag tag folk who have the usual pro's and con's, one is a sniper expert while another is best suited to heavy artillery for example. As you choose your character and are treated to a long winded tutorial section, the first area you encounter will be Fyrestone.

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WildArmed3322d ago

another sleeper hit of 09. among with Demons Souls.
I've heard so many great things about this game.. and afte rplaying it on my buddy's laptop.. just.. wow.
Gotta love RPGs :)