Playstation Official Magazine Review Score for Assassin's Creed 2

Playstation Official magazine US Review Score for Assassin's Creed 2
[Dec 25, Playstation Official Magazine US]


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WildArmed3325d ago

Great game.. great score.. must.. buy.. no.. money..terminating program... shutdown in progress.. Goodbye.

Saaking3325d ago

PlayStation magazine is, imo, a reliable mag. AC2 is looking really good and if they did fix the repetitiveness of the first, it's gonna be great.

karan86243325d ago

I knew it would be good but I honestly didnt expect a perfect score. Im going to wait for a few more reviews, but it definitely looks this'll be on my list to buy this month

Carl14123325d ago

Agreed, this game is looking fantastic. I wish i had the money. It will have to wait till xmas though :(

ThanatosDMC3325d ago

I was reading gamepro mag at walmart and i saw that people will fight back for you this time around. Since money is involved now, im guessing you can hire people to die for you???

theEnemy3325d ago

I've seen their AC2 banner somewhere in Eurogamer a week ago.

It says:

"5 out 5"
"-PlayStation Official Magazine"

sikbeta3324d ago

AC2 looks overall miles better than the First, so this is obvious

GO AC2!!!

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acbluflame3325d ago

This is going to be completely epic.

All I hear from MW2 is disappointment after disappointment.

AC2 gogogo

tatotiburon3325d ago

hear from where?...don't listen to PS3 fanboys...every review that came ouT only perfect score for MW2


...Its NOT a dissaponting game. Its just more of the same. Given how good the Multiplayer of COD4 was people expected too much from this. Ive been playing the campain on my 360 and I have to say that the game is good. Good but not that different from 4. Graphics have more color and characters move more fluid but the textures are the same. The 3dr act when you kill all the civillians in the airport is good but I believe unnessesary. So far the level I have enjoyed the most, graphically and actionwise is "the Rio de Janeiro" level. The game may not be the best graphically but it looks good enough. Also the controls in this game are tighter than in COD4! Can you believe that. Awesome controling game wich adds deeply to the gameplay. In my opinion it deserves a 9. Nothing more and nothing less. . . maybe less.

Ohh and PS3 fans complains not just because the game is bad or will end selling better on the 360 , They complain in their rigth for the MEDIA reviews hype and double standards. This game doesnt add anything new to the COD formula and everybody knows that...but in this case it doesnt matter for the reviewers. I can stay all the nigth explaining but at the end 360 fans are not going to understand me. Anyway If you like COD just buy MW2. Its a very good game. If you bougth ODST this game deserves your money more than that game.


Halo3 MLG Pro3325d ago

LOL! Nobody is saying that MW2 is a disappointment. Just the jealous sony fanboys. HAHA, good stuff.

Noctis Aftermath3325d ago

umm... jealous of what exactly?

I'm not even buying this game, i'm disgusted at IW as a developer and Activision as a publisher for what they have done to pc gaming and the pricehike.

Mindboggle3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Every Review ??? There has been NO real reviews, and even the crappy site ones have given it 9+, so the dissapointment is only in your head buddy.

You and the agree'ers need to stop this MW2 hate because your not achieving anything. The game will be awesome so just accept it. And why would you care anyway. Its not a 360 exclusive so just buy the game like you know you will and stop spouting crap.

Halo3 MLG Pro3324d ago

Well the same thing happen with GTA4. The 360 has exclusive DLC and looks much better so the sony fanboys go with their predictable "this game sucks anyway" excuse. Jealousy is strong with this one.

PirateThom3324d ago

The 360 doesn't have "exclusive DLC" for anything, it's "timed exclusive", they even said when it was announced and, for all you know, the difference could be a week.

BISHOP-BRASIL3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Although I agree that "disappointment" is way too much, it has nothing to do with "PS3 fanboys". It's a multiplatform game you know, fanboys are sure more inclined to exclusive, but there is no reason to actively bash a game that is the same in both consoles, come out at the same day or other of the usual complains... Unless there is differences I don't know about.

To me it looks that the PC community is the more vocal about MW2 right now. Those guys ARE disappointed and they have reasons to, IW transformed the PC version in basically the same of the consoles, don't be shocked if COD8 don't even let you choose graphics assets.

Now, for console owners it hasn't changed much (if anything). Sill, people claiming to be disappointed with the game also exist in both PS3 and 360 camp, but not much has changed from COD4, I don't see what those people really expected...

I'm in the crew that never intended on buying the game, I'm not an FPS nut, I got bored of COD4 joke of a carrer mode and multiplayer auto aim frag fest within two months. The much I hate Slant Six for fuc*ing Socom up, even Confrontation at launch had a better lobby/mp options than COD4.

I played it for like 9 months just because it was the only thing my friends wanted to play. In that time I not only got bored, but impressed by their "support" (or total lack of)... Cheaters, bugs, anything pass in their tests. What about maps? For COD4, in two years, the only content they have expanded was an overpriced crap map pack. Now they wont to go cash cow and milk us discussing DLC even before COD6 is released, I doubt disc space is a problem in any version.

I'll not even go into Activision crap they are saying. As much I dislike those PR bullsh*t, I also wouldn't let that stop me playing a good game.

So I for one won't buy and don't recomend COD6, but disappointed? Totally not, it's well withing what I was expecting actually. If anything it's up to where you liked COD4 or not...

EDIT: I just read it, there is exclusive DLC... Are people really fighting over being raped first? I'm no longer more that frequent here at N4G (or any forum as a matter of fact, thanks to college) and have yet to see that much more PS3 owners bashing it than 360 owners, but if true this is pathetic.

execution173324d ago

maybe i'll just save my money from buying MW2 (used) then just get AC2 ^_^ possibly get a hold of the BFBC2 beta to tide me over until MAG

YogiBear3324d ago

This is beyond fanboyism. You two complain about fanboys but I notice you are the first to bring the subject up most of the time. Go back to your caves and wait for MW2. If it's going to be so good on your console stfu and prepare for it... oh that's right! You don't have to prepare, it's got auto-aim.

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Sevir043325d ago

i guess i'll go pick this one up. maybe in december.

-Alpha3325d ago

Not too interested in it. The first one really angered me as I was very turned off by the repetitive nature to the point that I just stopped playing. I couldn't help but feel like I was wasting my time.

Now I see the same hype for this game. Your totally bad ass, you can free-run, etc. etc.

I'm not too interested personally but am sure it will do just fine.

It does look like a decent improvement, but I'm not sure

Feral Gamer3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

The first game had 4-5 mission types, this has over 15 mission types plus around 100 side quests.

-Alpha3325d ago

Well quantity does not equal quality. I know this one is supposed to be more varied and I hope that the crapiness of the first one was due to the majority of the developer focus being spent on building the next-gen structure.

Now that they have more time to work with the game, I'm expecting this one to do much better

shadow27973325d ago

They completely scrapped the old mission structure. I'm pretty sure they're almost all story-based now.

And since you were complaining about repetitiveness, quantity DOES equal quality. Give it a chance.

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