Q-Games: PixelJunk Shooter is our best title

Examiner: Although PixelJunk Shooter is still in development, Q-Games is already feeling that it may be their best title yet.

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WildArmed3123d ago

We'd hope so :)
New games should be better then their previous ones :)

Godmars2903123d ago

Well - bring it out already!

WildArmed3123d ago

Good things come to those who wait!
Look at Duke Nukem 3D... oh wait..
Too human.. oh wait.. >.<
(names of other titles that have had a longer dev time then 10 years).. oh wait lol

multipayer3122d ago

I wish they'd be more clear on the release of shooter, I heard it was chistmas eve...

...for japan.

Godmars2903122d ago

Screw that. They've pretty much been showing the finished game at trade shows.

Can say the same about Too Human, but then anyone not a fanboy could see that it sucked.

Gen0ne3122d ago

I don't know which one I can't wait for the most.

Godmars2903122d ago

Think you're thinking about the retro-themed shooter that's sort of similar to this one. Gravity something. Its opening modding as well.

Its a PSN title that has modding and level building.
Its a PSN title that has modding and level building.

(yes, it needed to be said twice!)

Gen0ne3122d ago

and yeah, I got my eye on that one too.

arsenal553122d ago

nice! now after this make a pixel junk monsters 2!!!!!

BYE3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

PixelJunk is a great series.

Can't wait to play this in december.

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The story is too old to be commented.