The Bender Podcast – Go Away Pre-Order Bonus, the $100 360, and Nintendo 64

Binge Gamer writes: So GameX is over and we are still adding stuff to the site, but as far as The Bender goes, we get right back into things with what is going on with games this week. In this episode, we find out that James loves Guitar Hero despite hating Activision, Mike completely abuses his little brothers Blockbuster Gamepass account, is Perry done with Farmville!?, and Intern Richard says some stuff at some point. Enjoy!

Show Notes | Topics

Who is going to be up for a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch!?


-No Doubt Sues Activision Over Band Hero Likenesses, Activision threatens Counter-Suit
-Video Games Banned in Venezuela. All of Them.
-Game Boy Inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame
-Borderlands Dev Randy Pitchford: Valve are Selfish Fanboys

Bargain Gaming Presents… Killer Holiday Deals

-Wal-Mart Offering Xbox 360 Arcade and $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card for $200
-Rock Band 2 Special Edition Bundle $99 Through Year's End
-Spend $20 at Old Navy, Get LEGO Rock Band Free
-170 DSi bundle with 5 games

Back to News…

-Nintendo Can Suck It For Badmouthing the Nintendo 64
-Modern Warfare 2 is Kind of Popular – Pre-order bonus, please go away!
-It's a Slow News Week, so Hideo Kojima is Judging a Twilight Fan Art Contest
-Epic games released Unreal Engine
-Super Street Fighter brings back beating up cars
-Microsoft Employee Poopoos Idea of Facebook on Game Systems… wait, what?
-IGN-owned Direct2Drive calls Steam a "trojan horse", Won't sell MW2
-More Modern Warfare 2 PC hatorade
-Age Of Conan Devs Creating Snowboarding MMO

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