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XE Writes:

"Forza Motorsport 3 is a racing simulator that anyone can enjoy. You don't need to be a racing expert to succeed in Forza. The gameplay fits all kinds of players to deliver one amazing experience."

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fr0sty3325d ago

Definitely not perfect, but a solid racing game none the less.

Blaze9293325d ago

Yeah still got departments to improve on...then once improves they shouldnt be touched and changed *cough multiplayer*

MNicholas3325d ago

Seemed to have a balanced view.

Surprised IGN, Gamespot missed some of the things mentioned in this review. It's obvious that those sites don't really play the games they write about. Their reviews of certain big games are often little more than 2-4 page advertisements.

Saaking3325d ago

The demo is pretty good. I think I'll wait for to drop in price a little. Right now, I wanna get Episodes from Liberty City first.

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ProA0073325d ago

The online multiplayer is a big disappointment compared to Forza 2. WHY TURN 10!?

Blaze9293325d ago

yeah seriously, when I got to the multiplayer part I was like wtf!?

ProA0073325d ago

Yeah I like how this review was written from a fan's perspective so they actually KNOW just wtf they are talking about. Look at all the customer reviews on store websites and the forums, people are very let down with the direction multiplayer took in FM3

AridSpider3325d ago

At least the season mode is solid :/

Blaze9293325d ago

yeah no doubt about that - the offline season mode is pretty amazing. I just hate how the options are all preset online and crap. ULGH

ProA0073325d ago

maybe a patch can adjust all that

Blaze9293325d ago

good point...nothing MAJOR so a patch SHOULD be able to do the job

EvilBlackCat3325d ago

"The online multiplayer is a big disappointment compared to Forza 2"

Oh yeah?

Please with details explain why.

wxer3325d ago

since its an xbox fanboy website
that means take out 2

so its 6.7
yah this games sucks and rushed

get over it @2.7

D3adcell3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

So when GT 5 comes out and sony sites give it a 9 or 10 they really mean it's a 7 or 8?

It's also not a fanboy website. It has a sony and nintendo site as well.

Why o why3325d ago

honest views from people who seem like they've definitely played part 2. + 1 for you all

Honest review btw

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JasonXE3325d ago

"With the push of the left button on the dpad"

That's pretty cool. Wonder how that works though, like shouldnt drift mode settings be adjusted specifically for that race so the roads are more slick?

Blaze9293325d ago

just gotta turn off all the assists and it works out.

-Alpha3325d ago

Good score. Forza is an overall AAAE franchise anyway, and it's averaging about 92/93 on MC.

Good game. It's currently the top of its genre, and it's going to be interesting to see GT5 likely outdo it. The thing is, I bet you Forza 4 would be announced by then/at least get started on.

There's a lot of pressure on Polyphony considering Turn 10 has been more consistent. I'm glad to hear about create-a-track though, this alone is better than create-a-skin for your cars in Forza.

DelbertGrady3325d ago

Depends on how it turns out. I doubt it will be anytthing like ModNation Racers. My bet is that they will let you modify different routes on tracks.

aliveinboston3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Forza 3 actually has a pretty decent physics model. The cars finally have some weight to them and respond fairly quickly to input. They also fixed some of the serious errors in the tracks of Forza 1 & 2.

It's fair to say that Forza 3 is the first exclusive sim on the Xbox/Xbox360 platform. It's not perfect, they still have some work to do, like fixing the issues mentioned in the article and also things like the borked force feedback, but it's good enough for most.

As for Polyphony Digital, I don't think they're worried about Forza 3. Apart from being unavailable on the PS3 and hence not an actual competitor for sales, Forza 3's visuals are not in the same class, it's running half the cars per race, it's damage model is last-gen, and the physics is unproven and running on a much weaker processor.

Let's not forget content:

1000 cars

Forza 3:
300 cars (360 owners without an HDD)
400+ cars (360 owners with an HDD)
500+ cars (360 owners with an HDD and $60 DLC)

-Alpha3325d ago

I can care less as its scored well which means its clearly done something right. You can pick away at the negatives but I see no point in arguing anything-- give credit where it is due, Forza is a consistent racer both in terms of quality and quantity.

soxfan20053325d ago

Since when does only the number of cars count as "content"??

Where do you race those cars?? On tracks.

Forza 3 - 24 locations, 136 tracks.
GT5 - 20 locations - 70 tracks (announced).

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fr0sty3325d ago

There's also a lot of pressure that polyphony is putting on turn 10. with the rumors of a track editor adding the play/create/share element to GT5, as well as almost 3 times as many cars as forza 3 offers, and each one being fully customizable, turn 10 has a lot to live up to next time around.

DelbertGrady3325d ago

Since when are cars fully customizable in GT5? In Forza 3 you can swap anything from engines to drivetrains to body mods, tire sizes on both wheels etc. Never seen any visible mods in GT besides color and some wheels.

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