PS3 Brings Hope To 10 year old Cancer Sufferer

Ryan Clayborn has been suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and MENS Type 2, but this didn't affect the smile which crept across his face once his wish was granted by the Kids Wish Network.

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Jamegohanssj53325d ago

For some reason this guy sounds like me. I stay locked up in my room all day on the PC and I only come out to get a bite to eat, bathe, and use the bathroom.

Sony, being part of the solution. Not the problem.


ChozenWoan3325d ago

From curing cancer to curing a cancer patient's blues. What more could you ask for from a multimedia entertainment center.

gaffyh3325d ago

If you played how this kid plays (i.e. amount of hours), and you were healthy, your parents would be pissed with you lol. Guess they know it makes him happy, so they let him do whatever.

Greywulf3325d ago

I have hope too kido! Hope he has a good run.

gamesmaster3325d ago

... it only does everything.

sorry i had to.

still sounds cheesy

sikbeta3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Late to the party...

It's only does everything, even cure cancer

"-but, but doesn't have XGchatz" /jk I couldn't resist lol

This kind of articles bring the goodness of the gaming community, we need more of these articles

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Gandalf3325d ago

Playstation: Bringing smiles to sick kids since 1995

lalalala3325d ago

Back then I remember all you could play in hospitals was N64, dunno what it's like now.

gaffyh3325d ago

I'm surprised that the news report didn't mention [email protected]

i_i_n3325d ago

me too. that's what i initially thought of when i read the title, but if the kid is happy and feeling better, then that's good.

hope this kid can recover, so young and sick is very sad to see. i wish him and his family all the best.

pull through Ryan!

Bumpmapping3325d ago

Thank god it wasn't a Xbox 3sh!tty,kid doesn't need to suffer more.

XiaoSet3325d ago

I agree, especially if Obama and Steve Ballmer were doing it.

ajkla923325d ago

"According to his father Victor, it just made his day and he hasn’t been able to stop playing"

If it was the 360. He won't be playing it cause 54% failure rate 4 LIFE!

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The story is too old to be commented.