Gamepro Germany: Modern Warefare 2 Review

GamePro Germany Reviews Modern Warefare 2: "Finally! We've played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in our test and explain why he can easily keep up with his predecessor, despite some flaws."

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GR8 13328d ago

Why is every bad point listed here and when you go to the actual site it's in german, how the hell are you meant to know the good points. This site is BS!!!

PirateThom3328d ago

I dunno, those "bad points" seem pretty major in a game that's scored 9.3/10.

Let this be a indication of how much the game will be overrated.

komp3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

And that is why I knew cancelling my pre order was the right choice to make.

-Short solo campaign
-Weak AI
-Average opening
-Linear levels
-Nothing new in missiondesign
-Long loading times
-Occasional graphic glitches (clipping)
-FPS drops in splitscreen


Double073328d ago

Rofl, it lists all those negatives and the score is still a 9.3? Good lord.

zootang3328d ago

Wow! 9.3 with all them negatives they must be scared of there user base

Saaking3328d ago

Wow and it's still a 9.3?

remember Gametrailers gave UC2 a 9.3 becuase "you couldn't leave tracks in the snow"

soulzero3328d ago

How can you cancel a preorder for that?
I mean the game isnt exactly about Sp you know.

YoungKiller253328d ago

exactly overrated online fps

Trebius3328d ago

That you're actually SURPRISED at this score? lol...

This game was going to receive 9+ regardless of how short or unoriginal it was.

I cancelled my preorder yesterday after I saw my friend playing it.

It doesnt interest me, especially after the bad PR.

I'd ignore all the reviews and give it a rent.

Darkeyes3328d ago

Lol.... Nearly 8 bad points and a 9.3!!!!!! I bet if this were a PS3 exclusive, each of those 8 points would deduct at least 0.5 marks/point of the score...

I can't believe this seriously!!!! A 9.3 and you state nearly everything I prayed God to change in MW2!!!! Talk about appeasing the fanboys.

Blaze9293328d ago

I wonder how the game is on Veteran. Just hoping for neither of the two:

- World at War's Grenada Throwing Festival
- CoD4's infinite respawning until you move further system

komp3328d ago


I have been concerned about it for a while now but left the pre order in place however after watching the justintv streaming with the nukes and stuff I just thought it looked bland.

Also with the Game Engine being the same as COD4 I can see no reason to actually by this. The few weapons I would never use is not bringing me to the table. I have said before this whole game could have been done in DLC as it is only new maps and a few new guns/nuke bolted on to the same auto aiming, gun on a skateboard game engine from yonks ago.

Its just not worth the money. If you have COD4 buy the DLC if you have not already and it will be just as exciting.

The 5hr SP also makes the SP pointless to me and that leaves online... It will become glitch city all over again and patches will come.

IW and Activision have shown they dont care with regard to the PC owners and now they are shown to be just mugging the gamer for the unjustified price of MW2.

Look at all the companies who put the XBOX360 first as a dev platform compared to those that use PS3 as the main platform. They have all released sup par multi's and that includes Rockstar. It proves they dont care about pushing their own limits and are happy to rest on their laurels and just take the cash. If HALO ODST can be sold as a full product for insane prices then the other MS deciples will also be doing the same.

DLC as full game? Not for me. I hope that small rant clears it up for you soulzero.

Mindboggle3328d ago

Can someone please tell me with proper replys not stupid disagrees why people on here hate MW2 so much ????

I really want to know..

firelogic3328d ago


But drake did leave tracks in the snow...

Greywulf3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

A game with all these flaws doesn't get nailed for having them, simple as that. Where as other titles are. Everyone watched this years early FPS reviews and negativity, which is why its going to prove the point that MW2 will get the cons, but no points will be deducted for them. Why 2 products that are generally both generic FPS's aren't scored equally is the issue here. Which you can't understand right?

Lack of innovation & bad A.I is ALWAYS a death sentence for titles, and don't let it have graphical problems(see snow footsteps), but not for this one. It highlights the fact that all MW2 has to do is be released to get a 9, which means a 9 no longer means anything as a score representative or relation of a product, if the products problems(which you score based on) are ignored. It means that at the end of the day, the reviewing community isn't looking out to inform consumers of a products quality, but just giving a score based on I'd have to say...fear of a backlash from either community or developer? Or just general "fun" which is fine, but don't mask it with having identical cons, and subtracting 1 game for it, while ignoring it in another. You should also review the other one on its just fun factor, and get rid of the pro's cons nonsense, as well as score all together.

Activisions attitude towards PCgaming (which made the franchise popular in the first place) Also plays a factor in this, raising the price of a product while --REMOVING-- features isn't anything to complain about right mindboggle?

Gaming is a tight industry, especially with the community. MW2 was always on the radar to watch the amazing double standard be highlighted, underlined, italicized, and bolded.

Things like "Linear" gameplay are used to strike down other titles, you and I both know this. To pretend otherwise is a joke.

MW2 will be scored higher than the first im sure, and get GOTY nods based on the same standards which are negatives for other titles. Everyone loves to pretend to be oblivious to the clear double standards in gaming, but Its going to be fun to list pro's cons of the game compared to other fps entries to see the same issues, but different grades.

Double073328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Didnt Gamepro Germany or one branch of GamePro at least give Uncharted 2 an 8/10 or am I thinking of a different website?

Edit: great post above.

+ Bubbles.

Mindboggle3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I can totally agree with some points that you make. The way they have handled the PC version is disgraceful but shouldnt even be brought into the console versions discussion. But I dont think any game should be downgraded due to graphical quality, especially when its petty things like snow.

You also point out that is has tons of flaws. Like what ?? Noone has played the game yet, and there is still an embargo on, so we dont really know what the game is yet.

And lastly innovation, i dont want to turn this into a flamebait but i have uncharted 2 and i love it, but it was exactly the same as Uncharted 1. The gameplay was identical, and it didnt really innovate, but i loved it because uncharted 1 was awesome and didnt need to change. Just like how MW2 will be alot like COD4, but i will like it because COD4 was so good.

hakeem09963328d ago


-Short solo campaign(what were they expecting it's a's short but so freaking SWEET)

-Weak AI(only on NORMAL .I'm playing it on VETERAN and i can tell you the AI is on POINT .thye don't FRAG the HELL out of you like they use too.The MISSION in Brazil will test you.)

-Average opening(the whole game plays out like a BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE)

-Linear levels(it's a FPS not an adventure game or an opened world game .All FPS are linear)

-Nothing new in mission design(COD is about great ACTION and o SH!T moments)

-Long loading times(what loading times all loading happens doing mission briefings)

-Occasional graphic glitches (clipping)(didnt see tht)

-FPS drops in splitscreen(Don't care much for tht)

IW didn't reinvent there formula but only tweaked it for maximum impact.IF you like COD4 .MW2 is a welcome upgrade

see me on live starting tomorrow nite

hakeem 09966

single player 9.0
multiplayer 9.7
spec-ops to be determined

Greywulf3328d ago

Yet, Its a negative mark for other titles, which you know is true. Most other reviews ask "well we've played this before, so whats new?"(Ratchet & Clanks recent reviews). Other games have the "Same classic gameplay that we've all come to love!"(Any non ps3 game).

Which is what I was saying. You claiming UC1 was the same as UC2 is what people tried to grasp at straws as a negative for it, get it? Luckily people were able to see that adding an entire co-op version of the game as well as never before seen levels/dynamics was unique to this generation of gaming. The discussion doesn't even come up for other games. I dont think you realize it, but you're proving my point.

And yes, UC2 was highlighted for having problems like snow particles that disappeared, and UC1 was negated for having oh-so terrible unplayable screen tearing, as was Resistance 2 for having graphical problems and fps drops, and killzone2's oh-so-bad game killing textures. Despite you not thinking it happens, it does. People pull out the electron microscope for some games. Just not for others.

Look at the list of Cons, which are what im directly speaking about. No one of course has played MW2, but Im sure everyone already knows its not going to be a gigantic upgrade with 60 players and visual Juggernaut. I mean, there aren't any surprises here. The same cons were there for MW. And the games been thoroughly covered.

Pretending that me playing MW2 is going to make it less linear is a joke. Theres nothing wrong with linear games, unless there is something wrong with linear games.

Ravage273328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

it wouldn't have scored anything above a 9.0 with all those flaws....ESPECIALLY when there are words like 'linear', 'short campaign' and 'nothing new'.

MiloGarret3328d ago

If you CLICK THE LINK and go to the last page (summary) you'd notice that there are 20 + and 5 -, one of those - is only applicable to the ps3 version and it's a minor detail. Fück sake fanboys, chill out.

Obviously, whoever posted this knows what appeals to the dumbass fanboys that inhabit this site and chose to list every single negative remark thay made in their 4-page review, conveniently forgetting the avalanche of praises. Genesis just took advantage of the fact that it is in german to start a flame war, good going!

Despite making some negative remarks through the review, the reviewers obviously found their impact to be minor since they aren't even listed in the summary of main points. It should be noted that neither are ALL of the positive remarks made throughout the review. The negative:

- Occasionally muddy textures.
- Washed out colours (ps3 only - both versions actually scored the same, despite this)
- Raw story. Clichés.
- Rather short campaign.

THAT'S it.

The positive:

+ animations
+ character models
+ level of detail
+ great 5.1 soundeffects
+ weapons sound great
+ good, varied music
+ german voice-actors (lol, ignore)
+ perfect controls
+ good HUD
+ weapons are switched quickly
+ several difficulty levels
+ tactical action
+ never unfair
+ good pacing
+ battlefield atmosphere
+ scripted events
+ AI comments
+ alot of diversity
+ extensive Spec Ops mode (replayability)

But whatever, who cares about that!??! The occasionally muddy textures makes this score a disgrace!!!!!!!! And the bland clours on the ps3 version are because they don't have super white on, or full rgb, or they're playing on an SDTV, or they just don't know how to set TV's.... Or... aha obviously, they were paid by the devil! I mean M$!

this game kicks ass, get over it.

Feral Gamer3328d ago

I agree completely! I was writing the same thing during the time you posted your comment. This submission is a fail. Only 5 negatives on the review but the submitter lists 8? Plus there are 20 positive things in the review. This guy shouldn't be allowed to submit articles. It's edited for hits.

HolyOrangeCows3328d ago

SP: Garbage
MP: ZOMG, we luv to use teh n00b tube!


raztad3328d ago

Interesting, very interesting.

I'm playing a not that popular game called R&C:ACiT. Said game has been criticized cause its "lack of innovation" and "the same gameplay", yet the game manage to introduce several gameplay tweaks that make the experience extremely fun for fans and newcomers. Something similar is happening with this one but instead a 8, game is getting 9.3. Is MW2 fun? probably it's incredibly fun for its fans BUT then why R&C get points discounted?

I hate double standards. Eagerly looking forward to see more reviews.

LynyrdSkynyrd3328d ago

Well you only listed the bad parts

Im getting it cus basically everyone I know is getting it.

badz1493328d ago

so? are you guys trying to say that games like uncharted 2 don't have pros as well? and how many games out there have been reviewed by its footprint?

BWS19823328d ago

@ can't tell me you missed Kotick shooting his mouth off and talking smack about the PS3 and Sony, and then pouring salt on the wounds by coming up with an overpriced Tony Hawk Wii-style skateboard, then the PC issues, then raising the prices (subject to territory on how much or if), then saying he wishes all games could cost even more...he's douche-primero and many people are speaking w/ their wallets. Not to mention that IW practically carried over a duplicate engine for MW2 instead of really beefing it up. THEY HAD 2 YEARS. And this is what they came up with?

I can easily wait for a price drop on this one.

Mindboggle3328d ago

Kodick doesnt make the game, infinity ward does. Activison are just a publisher who helps them get the game on the shelf. So any comments by kotick doesnt remotely translate into infinity ward talking crap about the PS3 does it...

BWS19823328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

some people are hurting Activision by not buying the game, they are getting a major cut after all, being the publisher. So yes, it has to do with the game quite a bit. IW may be hurt in the process, and that may or may not be sad, only because as I said, they're riding a 2 year old engine into this new release without major changes or upgrades, as if they're not worried about raising the bar, like they're riding their successes of the last game with minimal effort. That is how many people feel, I'm just trying to help you see "the other side" to understand the perspective and anger towards the game.

The fact is, Kotick can only be hurt one way, by not buying his games, and that means boycotting MW2. IMO, I used to have HIGH respect for IW and their work, but have lost some only because of the recent PC version issues. I still have respect for their past work, and the potential talent must still be there, but the point is to get to Kotick, you don't buy his product.

A publisher doesn't just get the game on the shelf, they help with marketing, PR, production, advertising, packaging, manufacturing, funding, scheduling and a plethora of other duties, it's like an agent or a lawyer representing a client, they get a cut.

thewolf53327d ago

if everyone wants to know why it's rated a 9.3, it's not because of the hype or for the soul purpose of pleasing "fanboys" it's rated a 9.3 because even with some flaws, this game is ten times better than leisure suit larry's box office bust. :P

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GR8 13328d ago

Naa it won't be overrated because millions of people will still play it online and this site is just stupid, i've got the game and the framerate never drops, the opening is great, theres no graphical glitches what so ever, and the AI is great much better then the first MW. Overall the game is much better the the first and thats saying alot.

WildArmed3328d ago

doubt the game can be overrated.
Its getting solid 9-10s..
and we all know why people are buying Mw2
*hint* its not the campaign

zack613328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

What about the good points ?

Saaking3328d ago

Exactly. This game is unfortunately gonna be rated based on the extreme hype it has behind it. Hopefully, they'll be some real honest reviews, but still. Use reviews to form an opinion, watch gameplay, and read customers reviews. That should help you decide whether or not the game is worth 60 bucks.

zack613328d ago

Thanks for the tip saaking.

evrfighter3328d ago

Ign or Gamespot have imo not been review sites for a few years now. They are simply another way to advertise games for publishers as long as they are willing to "sponsor" ads on their site.

slipkoRn3328d ago

no,there's a 2 in the end.