First Blu-Ray To Include PS3/PSP Exclusive Digital Copy Coming Soon

The first Blu-Ray movie which includes a digital copy of the movie for PSP, is coming on November 10th this year.

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sinncross3296d ago

This is a smart move. You can the original in 1080P but are able to have a copy ready for portable means on the PSP.

If advertised right this could benefit the sales of both the PS3 and PSP hardware.

gaffyh3296d ago

Yeah, it really depends on advertising, but for some reason I don't expect Sony to even mention this feature.

Saaking3296d ago

That's pretty awesome.

lalalala3296d ago

Really annoying that the first movie to do this is such a crappy film (IMO).

Anorexorcist3296d ago

Yeah the film is kind of crappy, but hey you gotta start somewhere!!!

morganfell3296d ago

Another Sony innovation.

Darkfocus3296d ago

I don't understand why you guys think this is a good thing almost all bluray movies include a digital copy that can be put on an Ipod,PsP,Zune etc. why is limiting it to PsP only good?

sikbeta3296d ago

MAN, this really amazing, I don't care if these is the first movie, they gonna put some awesome movies after these thing lol

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gaffyh3296d ago

District 9 should include this feature, would be a good film to do this on.

lalalala3296d ago

That would be a great movie to do this on, although they already are packing in the GOW3 demo so they probably don't need to do this.

d0nT wOrrY3296d ago

funny pic

Mantiz3296d ago

Didn't The Watchmen have this ????

dead_eye3295d ago

yeah watchmen had this so did hancock. no downloading required. stupid article

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The story is too old to be commented.