Modern Warfare 2's PC Restrictions Could Hurt Everyone

Modern-Gamer writes: The PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has taken some heat over the last few days. First it was revealed that the PC release wouldn't have dedicated servers which have been a staple of PC gaming for years. Now Infinity Ward is announcing that matches will be cap at 9 vs. 9. Could this just be punishment for our own overuse of exploits or is Infinity Ward going too far? Also will these decisions hurt the sales of Modern Warfare 2?

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MetalGearRising3322d ago

Tough luck and stop b*tching get xbox360 version it's the way games are meant to be played also it's superior version.

HolyOrangeCows3321d ago

Enjoy the version that's identical to the PS3 version, worse than the PC version, and costs $50 a year to play online.

CernaML3321d ago

Ah yes all that auto aiming makes it such a superior port!

randomwiz3321d ago

if any sensible person was choosing between the pc and 360 version... they would choose the pc version for all the extra free custom content

if you choose the console version over the pc version it either means you cant play games on your pc(90% of the time this means you're a kid), or you must have a lot of friends you want to play with.

evilmonkey5013321d ago are so full of crap...get over yourself..If you wanna really play metal gear, the way it is meant to be played, in its superior glory,your gonna need a ps3.

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Transporter473321d ago

they are pretty much giving all the pc gamers the middle finger and they are like deal with it, man i hate Activision and IW for doing this, they have no love toward us gamers at least not from activision mayb from IW but they allowed themselves to this shame on them

hakeem09963321d ago

For ounce I'm on Activision's side.the PC gaming community gets all the perks when it comes to gaming:better graphics ,free DLC ,mods and cheaper price .but for some reason they would rather PIRATE ALL THOSE GAMES instead of supporting the developers.


Transporter473321d ago

It is going to get pirated and even more now you think what they decided to do was going to help go against pirates if you want to increase your sells you don't go taking stuff away from it or give it restrictions you make a damn good game and you will get your sells no matter if some are pirated, believe it or not

UltimateIdiot9113321d ago

You obviously did not see what happen with Spores. It ruined their sales because they were trying so hard to fight pirates. If IW and Activision can't deal with pirates, simply don't make the game for PC like EA with Madden.

How is what IW doing going to discourage pirates? In fact, I'm sure a lot of PC gamers will pirate the game in spite for what they did. What IW is doing won't encourage hardcore PC gamers to buy their games. Why shouldn't PC versions be better, why should a gamer with a good computer be force to play console level graphic and physics if they can play better? Why should PC gamers be force to buy DLC because console gamers especially 360 gamers, who allow Microsoft to charge them for DLC, allow companies to charge them?

Just because you like how companies abuse you doesn't mean every gamer out there will take it.

Deadly_Sinner3321d ago

IW has tern their back on us, so I will not be picking up this game. I am a PS3 gamer, but will stand up for my PC brothers.


mastiffchild3321d ago

Agreed DEadlysinner. 55 of my mates and myself are doing exactly that. We know we won't make any difference this time but I'm standing up for gamers. PC gamers for obvious reasons, US and Japan gamers(as I'm in the EU and won't support the price hike or it'll be everywhere)and because IW and Acti have bnehaved awfully over this and let them do it to us and they'll be even worse to us in future.

Gamers need to drop the petty fanboy rivalries, stop being a 360/PS3/PC fan and be gamers. Just gamers so they stop sh1tting on us all like this.

It amazes me that so few are willing to stand up for their fellows on PC but it doesn't stop me thinking it's the right thing to do.byw, most people I know that pirate games only do it with games they either wouldn't buy anyway or weren't sure about and if they like them they generally DO buy them to enjoy full support and online play anyway. The piracy issue is NOT as black and white as some paint it-even if I never do it myself as a matter of principle. Being hoonest, though, I know sh1tloads of PC gamers who WILL now pirate MW2 to play LAN and IW can ONLY blame themselves for the lack of dedicateds AND then insulting us by lying over why!The good press for MW went to their heads I'm afraid and they tink gamers can't survive without their game(which will just be more MW-just like last time with gameplay the same as even WaW which they slagged off!)-roll on BFBC2 for me. Who#'d ever have thought EA could look like the better option?

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Transporter473321d ago

a mouse and keyboard accuracy will never be acquired in a controller

dexterwang3321d ago

Its very sad too, that the developers used to be gamers... thats what made COD4 a great game. Now they're like a drugged up lindsay lohan, with money shooting up their veins that they lost sight of what being a gamer truly is

Digitaldude3321d ago

Money hungry.
Just dont buy MW2. theres better! Killzone 2 for PS3, Bad Company etc.

Deadly_Sinner3321d ago

I agree, there are better games out there that are better than MW2. For example, Killzone 2, it has dedicated servers, it supports 32 players online with no lag. It also has the best graphics of any shooter around. Another example, Uncharted 2, it also uses dedicated servers, and less not forget the great graphics too that it has. Also, Resistance 1 & 2 use dedicated servers, and I have never experienced any lag once or ever (that means 50 to 60 players online).

mastiffchild3321d ago

How good or bad the game is doesn't matter to me. It's the crappy way they begave that needs sorting out and while MW2 will no doubt be a huge selling game that doesn't mean buying it is the right thing to do.

By all means, it's everyone's choice and if you feel playing MW2 with your mates is more important to you than standing up for gamers in all this then I can't say you're wrong-you do what you feel is best.

I do think, however, that lying down for this crap will only lead to them treating us even worse in the future- and I don't want to feel that I'm partially to blame for that by supporting people who act as poorly as IW/Activision.

lve2playbball3320d ago

Only from the mouth of a PS3 fanboy will you hear "just don't get MW2 and play Killzone 2." Really? Even the first Modern Warfare was better than KZ2. I have KZ and I got rid of it because the replay value sucks. Yes the graphics are amazing but BFD, COD:MW brought so much more to the table with its multiplayer than KZ2. I can understand wanting to play UC2 because it has amazing graphics AND is fun as hell. But again, the multiplayer is nothing special. Of course this is just my OPINION. Boycotting MW2 won't do anything except deprive the boycotters of a great game. I would laugh my ass off if they (Infinity Ward/Activision) stopped making PC versions of their future games because of the boycott. (I used to be a PC gamer for shooters then realized consoles is where its at, though I still play RTS games on PC) Doubtless I will get plenty of disagrees......

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