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AATG writes:

"From beginning to end the action in Modern Warfare 2 never lets up. And Infinity Ward has yet again shown itself to be a master story-teller, has raised the metaphorical bar and once again delivered a masterful single-player experience with supremely skilful pacing that guarantees a high level of tension and excitement throughout.

With a whole variety of different locations, set-pieces, and gameplay styles, the game constantly reinvents itself and even though the core mechanics and gameplay experience are identical to its predecessors, it never once feels old, stale or formulaic. With a dramatic 24-inspired storyline with plenty of twists of turns, at over 9 hours total time on hardened it never outstays its welcome and with the punishing veteran difficulty levels there's always plenty of reason to revisit it."

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GR8 13324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I've got the game and i would give it a 5/5 aswel, the graphics to the story to the excellent gameplay. It's the best single-player fps experience i've had.

LordMarius3324d ago

stop being delusional bot this rehash can't take the honor of Uncharted 2

OmarJA3324d ago

Easy on him MariusElijah he just another bot resorting to a multi-platform title for a reason.

Raptura3324d ago

You have the game, yet your gamertag on your N4G profiles shows you've been playing online Call of Duty 4 lately. Are you just stupid, or playing it on another gamertag or PS3?

NotoriousWarrior3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

seriously you got a copy wow if its that good you should play it instead of commenting every few mins.

GR8 13324d ago

Well i've been playing for the last few hours, why have you disagreed with me you haven't played the game.

NotoriousWarrior3324d ago

@ GR8 1 - i never pressed the disagree.

WildArmed3324d ago

Not really excited about the campaign. Although the ending was epic as the first (MW1). I have never grown fond of a COD campaign.
After reading the perks list and everything for Mw2 (ala host migration etc), I'm pretty excited about Mw2's online component.
Lets be serious here. Mw2's multiplayer is where its at... that would alone sell the game..
For most games the multiplayer feels tacked on.. here its vice versa! GJ IW. Cant wait to try Mw2

Sarcasm0993324d ago

Mw2's MP is gonna be the sh!t! :)
See ya peeps online

My Floppy3324d ago

Modern Warfare 2 just might be the best game ever made by anyone ever known on any planet what has been discovered in any galaxy that has been looked at through a telescope by a scientist who was slowly dipping his fingers into a bowl of melted butter and saying "MODURN WURFUR TOW!"

crck3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

"Infinity Ward has yet again shown itself to be a master story-teller".

Say what? I don't remember a damn story point in COD 4(or any COD game for that matter) besides one of the character's dying or something. COD is about action, period. You can almost find more story in a Mario game...

Trebius3324d ago

What a load of garbage...

Everyone knows the single player is short, i saw my friend beat it in one sitting.

It's impressive, but not by any means as great as this website insinuates.

it's a 4/5 at best, 3 at worst, but no lower than 3.

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