Xbox 360 sales warm up in Japan

Marcus Lai from writes: Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 warmed up in Japan on strong software sales.
Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Xbox 360 sold 6,047 units between Oct. 26 and Nov. 1 to rank No. 6 in overall hardware sales.

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Darkeyes3325d ago

OMG what a spin LMFAO... I knew Kotuka could spin stuff, but this site takes the cake. 6K when the competition outsells it at nearly 6:1 ratio... It's competing with a last gen console for crying out loud. Warming up lol.. If that is warming up, then PS3 is seriously turning up the heat in Japan... Next month=PS3 breaks all records in Japan as FF13 lands.

Chubear3325d ago

Don't know but that title had me rolling! XD

CaptainAmerica3325d ago

and itll take the gaistation3 more than 10 years to catch up to the 360

Bumpmapping3325d ago

HAHA! Omg sh!t is hillarious!!!

DelusionalMsBot3325d ago

Poor droids cant accept the fact that the 360 has warmed up from -230c to -229c in japan

but dont worry the 360 is also an excellant heater

Johnny Rotten3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

is this a joke?

* DSi – 37,517
* PS3 – 36,061
* PSP – 34,911
* PSP go – 29,109
...................* Wii – 28,888
...................* DS Lite – 6,902
...................* Xbox 360 – 6,047
...................* PS2 – 1,966 according to media create it's ranked 7th

also it warmed up because it beat a 10 year old console? lol

sak5003325d ago

At least it gained from prior sales and look what happned to ps3 sales of 100k down to 36k that is worse than 360s 6k cuz we know japan is sony land even then ps3 can't keep up with numbers at this price.

Ravage273325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )


silvacrest3325d ago

are you serious? im honestly asking

that is some epic spin of the likes i have never seen before....

callahan093325d ago

Well, sak, the PS3 sold 6000+ more this week than it did the previous week. So it increased as well from the previous week. You can't honestly expect the numbers to indefinitely stay at the level they were at the initial price drop? That's just unreasonable. Of course it isn't selling as much now as it did the week of the price drop.

Noctis Aftermath3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

@Above: i was going to say it but i just felt like it would be a waste of time, +bubs to you for doing it anyway.

@sak500: *facepalm*

Also *facepalm*

Why o why3325d ago

*converts to facepalm* (to protect my eyes from the worst spin ever)

ultimolu3325d ago

sak500, I find it hilarious that the 360 had all these rpgs and the PS3 just came along with a pricecut and practically destroyed it. There's no spinning this.

Sarcasm3325d ago


Everything is pretty much useless debate once December comes anyway. The 360 could end up selling 10k a month magically and it still won't matter when FFXIII comes out for the PS3.

sikbeta3325d ago

Because make a post replying to this kid doesn't make sense:

vhero3324d ago

Got outsold by over 500% by both the PSP AND PSP GO too.

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