Final Fantasy XIII NA release date to be announced on Nov. 13th?

Gb writes: "Today Square Enix teased the gamers regarding Final Fantasy XIII which is due out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However later it was revealed by one of the forums members that something will be announced on November 13th, 2009. What could it be? A release date for Final Fantasy XIII in North America or an English version of the game? We will keep you updated on the same."

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Ziriux3328d ago

Yay, finally at once we'll know when the actual FF XIII will release, I hope it's a great game and never looks back at FF XI. Cannot wait will be keeping my ears open on Nov. 12th.

Saaking3327d ago

Hopefully SE will redeem themselves. FF hasn't been good since X.

gameseveryday3328d ago

I hope they announce the release date on the specified date. I mean common its been too long now!

baldguy713328d ago

i still have to play the first 12.

gameseveryday3328d ago

Thats what we have done for the last three years, its kinda of getting frustrating that they have playing with us for long.

Assassin Nawabi3328d ago

i can gurantee it wont be worth the wait

Ziriux3327d ago

Nice,so you've played it and hate it?

gameseveryday3328d ago

why dont you like the final fantasy series?

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