New videos of Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex

GB writes: "Enjoy these new videos of the Wii remake of Call of Duty Modern Warfare known as Reflex."

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gameseveryday3026d ago

The game looks ok on the nintendo wii!

Hisiru3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I played the PC and x360 version. The feeling, action, experience and the number of enemies looks the same on the single player mode (except for the HD graphics), it's a very good port in my opinion. If you aren't exigent with graphics you will have a lot of fun playing this title.

2 more videos (multiplayer mode):

I will play it again on my Wii with my friends (but I won't play the single player mode again).

randomwiz3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

yeah... looks good for a wii game...
i need to get this game... mainly because my beloved 60gb ps3 ylod and my beloved 20gb 360 rrod and I have nothing good that i haven't already played on the wii

EvilTwin3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Hisiru -- I agree. I already played through the campaign on a 360. This doesn't look as good, and it couldn't. But it looks surprisingly decent (considering some of the other blurry vids that were out a few days ago). And the action is all there. That's what matters.

That, and the controls. Which look to be super solid.

This may end up being the best-controlling console version of COD4. And that's a nice achievement, tbh.

Treyarch, I'm impressed.
[I'm not sure if they one-upped Conduit in terms of graphics tech, but the art style is so much better that it makes up for that. Plus, it's not focused on corridor shooting.]

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Ziriux3026d ago

It looks like crap lol, but the hardware prevents it from looking any sexier so I don't blame it. I hope the gameplay comes through and the online features are good.

kaveti66163026d ago

I think it looks fantastic considering the hardware. At first the environments looked bare, but when the helicopter reached the city, the smoke effects from the explosions began to surprise me, and the graphics as a whole looks really well done. I wondered if it was running at 30fps or 60fps.

EvilTwin3026d ago

kaveti6616 -- I think I remember reading that the game was 30 fps, but I could be wrong. The run speed sure is faster than Conduit, and it still aims very smooth. 60 or 30, it's pretty good.

gameseveryday3026d ago

yep i agree, to that The Wii I believe is not the ideal platform for hardcore games.

Ziriux3026d ago

You see, what I'm hoping is that Nintendo will try to get a console with some higher specs next time, something that can graphically compete even with the original xbox, than I will buy another nintendo console.

ChickeyCantor3026d ago

It was possible last gen with lower specs, and now its impossible?

I hope the word hardcore dies out, it really lost its meaning.

slipkoRn3026d ago

the word fanboy also lost its meaning.

ChickeyCantor3026d ago

Are you referring to the other comment about reggie?
If so, yep.

Seferoth753026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

See here is the problem with your statement.... Wii is more powerful than PS2, according to you though, not a single PS2 game is hardcore because it isnt in HD.. Sadly this must just be your first gen of gaming and you have no clue that HarDcore while containing an H and a D does not have to be in Hd to be hardcore.. Also COD is one of the most casual games ever made. Nothing "hard" or "core" about it.

Please don't let things like facts and 30 years of gaming history get in the way of your ignorance though.. If not for the morons on N4G who would we laugh at?

Anyone happen to remember years ago that most of the trolls sai that COD4 could never run on Wii, because it wasnt powerful enough? As much as I want this game to fail, its funny to see it when so many uninformed trolls said it wasnt possible.

Also Wii owners save your money and pass on this one. Its the last COD on Wii. They are pushing a 2 year old port off so it will fail and they can skip making it for Wii, or Wii owners buy a 2 year old port and get no new content ever again... You lose either way, show Activision Wii owners do have some common sense.

SinnedNogara3026d ago

It's not that the Wii can't produce good hardcore games, it's that third-party developers don't really about the games they are making. Dead Space Extraction is a GREAT example.

EvilTwin3026d ago

Seferoth75 -- Activision made this port because [email protected] sold well. Very well, considering they paid very little attention to marketing the Wii version. If COD4 sells well on Wii, expect a MW2 port sometime next year.

I agree with the rest of your post, though. Graphics don't make a came "hardcore" or not, IMO. That said, Treyarch did a decent enough job on this game. It doesn't look like the HD versions, of course, but it's sorta in between from this gen and the last. Gen-and-a-half, if you will.

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Fullish3026d ago

Meh, i'm moving on to MW 2, there is more in the gameplay, the graphics are sick and well, REAL multiplayer, I'm def. looking forward to it, this is however a step back even from CoD2.

Ziriux3026d ago

Agreed and just like any other hardcore FPS, even CoD will fail on the Wii, families will not be wanting to go crazy with this one.

Seferoth753026d ago

Ziriux, time to bend over and take a minute to pull your head out and go get a clue. Every COD released on the Wii is a million seller.

Seriously you must be completely incompetent to think what you are saying is true. Where do you get your gaming "facts" from Cracker jack boxes? Every post of yours is just plan stupid and lacks any knowledge of gaming. If this is your first gen of gaming, which is how you make it seem, just stfu up til you get a clue.

na-no-nai3026d ago

how will this fail on wii when cod"waw sold well
that comment is just plain ignorant

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