PS3-Sense Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

PS3-Sense writes "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, finally the game is here. It's probably the most anticipated title of this year but is it worth it? "

PS3-Sense about multiplayer "The multplayer of Modern Warfare 2 is quite good but gave us a bit of bad taste. The killstreaks are unbalanced and they are a little bit over-the-top. Infinity Ward decided to go Hollywood, and it looks like it doesn't matter anymore if you have FPS-skill or not, kills are easily made in choppers"

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komp3325d ago

Can it be confirmed that MW2 has AUTO AIM just like COD4 (enabled by default)?

I have a feeling this COD franchise is now being designed to accomodate nan and grandad skillsets.

Sarcasm3325d ago

I wasn't aware of an auto-aim on COD4.

table3325d ago

the auto-aim in CoD4 could ruin your aim on occasions but most of the time it just locked onto the guys eyeball for a headshot across the map with a desert eagle.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

When is the review embargo over? ODST came out on a Tuesday and the review embargo expired at midnight of the Saturday before it launched. So will MW2's by chance also expire at midnight tonight?

Is there some sort of standard 3-day pre-release review embargo for games? Obviously there's not a review embargo for ALL games but when there IS an embargo, does it typically expire 3 days before launch?

hakeem09963325d ago

I have MW2 already and it is amazing .the single player is the SH!t (play it on veteran plz) and yes aim assist is default (just turn it off if you tht good).
As for Multiplayer it's COD4 on STERIODS

Cold 20003325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

AAA score for the big mean MW2 ? Guess the people working for this PS3 site are idiots.

bjornbear3325d ago

Great score! =) I hate auto aim =/

BulletToothtony3325d ago

i hate it too.. that's why when you're aiming at someone and another person runs behind them it pulls your gun away from the actual person you're trying to kill.. i hate that..

and the whole new perks and killstreak system is the very reason why i won't be buying this game.. i totally agree with the review.. there is so many new things to help noobs it's ridiculous.. go ahead and disagree but if MW2 would not be more about skills than having juggernaut and martydorm and all the new crap i would buy this game.. i would love for it to have a Non-perk mode so it could really show who can actually aim and who can't.

JaredH3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

You do realize juggernaut isn't even a perk in modern warfare 2 and martydorm is a death streak right?

EDIT. Auto-aim can be turned off in cod4 too and i know that because I always have it turned off.

BulletToothtony3325d ago

no i didn't know juggernaut wasn't a perk anymore.. that's great..

i might look more into the perks now.. cause that's the one i hate the most.. and you can turn off auto aim but that is for the single player option only..

i have that option turned off and i still have autoaim.. i got that game since launch and i've played it everyday.. and trust me there is no option to turn it off.. if you find the option on multiplayer and take a snapshot i'll believe you but trust me.. my gun always gets pulled away without me moving it..

Trebius3325d ago

ANYONE can be good at the game, theres no skill involved anymore, just glits and glamour.

QuackPot3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

if it is the "nan and grandad skillsets" that bought millions of cod4, what else do you expect them to do?

Add in laggy controls for weighty realism and trust the shooter fans will like it and buy a boat loads of KZ2, I mean MW2?

It's popular, it works and it sells tons of games.

9/10 is what MW2 deserves.

BTW. I personally hate auto-aim....especially in my beloved Warhawk.

Naucious3325d ago

any good player like myself knows that getting killstreaks is key to success in a game. I sometimes test my skills by not choosing to use my rewarded killstreaks to see what my K/D ratio would really be. Teamwork is really key and I know from most skilled players on this site knows as soon as we hear "enemy chooper inbound" we all as a team decided to shoot the chooper down as fast as possible. But i will say the perks were my biggest problem, theres no skill invovled with it, but just adds help in case you wasn't good at all. Im still getting MW2 because as a gamer I love games and I want to experience the games on my own accord and not from the likes of reviews.

One thing that people dont like is change, but as a true gamer you should be able to accept change and adapt to it accordingly. N other words theres fuss now but im sure everyone will get use to it, and play like nothing has changed.... game on gamers!!!!

Hoggy19833324d ago

Can someone please clarify for me- Was there auto-aim in COD4 in multiplayer?
Because I sure as hell haven't noticed it and I very much doubt it will be in MW2.

I think it was evident in single player, but you can turn it off.

So whats the problem?

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tatotiburon3325d ago

good review from a ps3 fan site...waiting for more reliable reviews

Sarcasm3325d ago

Just because it didn't get a 10 it's not reliable?

sikbeta3325d ago

That has not sense at all, is not reliable because is a PS3 site?

Can't sound more stupid

El_Colombiano3325d ago

Guys don't listen to this tool.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3325d ago

A website concentrated on a specific console, reviews a game for that specific console, and they're unreliable? LOL!

WMW3325d ago

here is a quote from tatotiburon in the article about battlefield: bad company 2 being better then mw2 "i'm not the one crying every MW2 topic and calling biased every site for gave a perfect review for MW2 only because the xbox 360 version is selling better..." looks like you are crying about the review score and calling sites biased because you don't agree with them. lol 360 fanboys always good for a laugh.

tatotiburon3325d ago

you people can read??...i'm not bashig this site, i said that is a good review...but after watching the past week all of you ps3 fanboys bashing MW2 without playing the game only because is selling better on other console, well i wait for other reviews from unbiased sites, i don't know if the author of this review is mad about the sales like all of you.

An besides wtf??, every time a xbox site make a review you all start to bashing the site.

Hypocrisy at it finest

Darkeyes3325d ago

@above.. Chill dude, I request you to read your own first comment.. What the hell do you mean by a "PS3 fan site'??? Last I checked MW2 was a multi-plat and every PS3 or 360 oriented site can have their opinion.. And NEVER have we bashed MW2 cause it sells more on the 360 Lol that statement alone makes me laugh. The PS3 fans were all over MW2 cause it gets the free pass even though it has mediocre graphics and a 6 hour campaign... I don't give a sh!t for reviews, but if this were a PS3 exclusive, then it would have been raped for being only 6 hours or having Sub-HD graphics.... That is why that 9.5 rumored score from IGN ticked off.

And when have we cried foul if a 360 site reviewed a multi-plat? If you count IGN as a 360 site, then yes your argument stands correct, but you can check any multi-plat review from 360 site and there hardly have been any issue with the fanboys.. Hell even AC2 first review came from a 360 site (which gave it a 9)... Did we cry foul then? Get your fanboy goggles off..

And last I checked we all (we all meaning PS3 and PC gamers) were pissed at AV for it's evil practices like no Dedicated servers for PC, hiking prices, threatening for cutting Ps3 support and no graphical updates and not cause it sold an @ss load of copies.. Stop acting as if MW2 is a 360 exclusive... Sales Sales Sales, is that all you've got? If a game doesn't sell more than 4 million means it=crap what BS logic... Sorry, but we gamers don't stand around and let companies shaft us like that.. Just cause we are more vocal doesn't mean that the game sucks and we disowned it... Grow up.

I will still get MW2 and that too used as I have some dignity left.. It's a stand against AV and not MW2. If you can't see how these guys are killing gaming by their arrogance, then sadly you need to take those goggles off.

divideby03325d ago

game gets a 9 and he looks for a more reliable review.....after all the was reviewed by a fan site for that console...geez....
wake up dude

TheReaper423325d ago

last i checked, PC gamers were bashing mw2. PS3 gamers were boasting that they're getting a dedicated server. I don't see anyone else b!tching.

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DonCorneo3325d ago

rpd with my eyes closed FTW

Timactionfigures3325d ago

Let's not get carried away. Good score...mediocre game that's just like all the other COD's before it.

Because folks keep buying the same game, they won't ever make anything new or unique. Killzone 2 obliterates any COD game ever made...and charted into new territory when it comes to immersion/controls/graphics...

What has COD done to earn AAA rating sequel after boring sequel?

TooTall193325d ago

I love KZ2, but don't compare the 2 until you play each thoroughly. IW doesn't make boring games.

RockmanII73325d ago

Killzone 2 and MW2 are both AAA

Halo3 MLG Pro3324d ago

LOL. Killzone 2 is essentially the same war shooter we been playing for years. And your complaining about MW2??? LMAO! That's rich dude.

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Mista T3325d ago

meh, I won't let the hype take over my soul, I will only get bad company 2 after seeing the new multi vid.

ps360master3325d ago

good for you. everyone will be on cod. yes even all your online friends will be on will be playing it to. dont lie to yourself

3325d ago
3325d ago
El_Colombiano3325d ago

Holy crap that looks AMAZING. Bubbles for the video.

And to the idiot trying to act all rebellious, stop. You look stupid when you try acting all tough stating that you can do whatever you want on the internet. Yes that means you look stupid to every sensible person on this site. We don't need to hear your b*tching and moaning about how somebody doesn't like your post.

Take your own advise,
"you dont like it dont f1cking read my comment."

3325d ago
RockmanII73325d ago

I'm with you Mista T. I hate what Activision/IW is doing and besides I couldn't afford this anyway because of all the great games coming out in 2010 (Mass Effect 2, Conviction, BF: BC2, Alan Wake, Lords of Shadow, Halo Reach, and possibly Crysis 2, It will be awesome :)

DaTruth3324d ago

I don't care what CrAc(head)tivision's been doing, that video looked awesome. I had no intention of buying either game, but that video could convert me!

I love full destruction and good graphics with full destruction is even better!

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