Halo 3 Beta Custom Games--Anti Gravity, Super Speed, and Wraith

Gameplay of custom games in action with options such as Anti-Gravity, Super Speed, Wraith, Pistol, Sword.

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Schmitty073981d ago

I realized that custom games pretty much give you the ability to mod without getting banned with all the cool stuff you can do.

God of Gaming3981d ago

Thats pretty crazy that all that was left in the code. I guess if you are an unreal fan you will enjoy speeding it up but it would throw my timing off. Looks fun though!

Smellslikepie3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

That's not anti-gravity. That's low gravity. Anti-gravity would be a force that was pushing them away from the planet. They wouldn't return to it.

Other than that, this video isn't too bad :p

Stormflood3981d ago

...but a little too familiar at the same time. I spent 2 years playing Halo 2 online, but I just don't feel that draw to it this time round.

Much looking forward to the campaign though...

crazypuppet3980d ago

i dont know how the original one got started but if you want your own custom game this is what you join my friends party his gt=Halo3beta77 then leave his party and you will be in your own party where you can start custom games