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omni_atlas3329d ago

holy crap! this beats MW2 anyday!

Darkeyes3329d ago

I have never played a BF game, but I soooo want to get in the beta and pick this game when it comes out... For starters, the graphics look so much better than MW2 and I really want to spite Activision in every way possible.... Just one look at the destructible environment and one can see that MW2 doesn't come close to this in terms of graphics...

umair_s513329d ago

Wow, that jumping jeep at the end was just wow. Great showcase of physics. Modern Warfare 2 has competition

toaster3329d ago


I don't see how this game could be better. I mean, 24 players, destructible environments, vehicles, dedicated servers, amazing graphics, superior gameplay. Nobody wants those, right?

YLOD Service Tech3329d ago

Forget MW2. This game looks to beat Killzone 2 in graphics.

Darkeyes3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

@Above.. Now that is a little bit farfetched, but it looks damn gorgeous thats for sure.... BTW I saw what you did there in the Open Zone... Lame attempt.

The only thing I hate about games after playing KZ2 is the fact that guns have less or no recoil at all.. I hated this is MAG beta, I hate this in COD and from this video as well, there seems to be really less recoil... But apart from that, the game looks damn good.

Hoolock3329d ago

The story campaign will be much better on MW2 if BFBC1 story is any reflection to the second but the online for me with Battlefield will always be better. Its larger more varied and it looks much nicer and not to mention the great audio engine at work within battlefield.

raztad3329d ago

The gameplay shown is the PC version right? It looks very very good, specially the weapons.

Noctis Aftermath3329d ago

that looked sick, now i want in the beta even more.

Beats MW2 any day of the week.

Ravage273329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

it's looking phenomenal atm, but i don't think it reached KZ2's level yet. Then again the level of destructibility is incredible and i'm really impressed by how much DICE have improved their tech, unlike IW.

Oh yes i get that feeling too. Nothing beats firing that ISA lmg with ironsights, the recoil feels so badass and the amount of force feedback from my DS3 is just perfect! Here's hoping GG will learn something from DICE, i would love to see some terrain destruction in KZ3.

edit* hmm it is a mixture of both PS3 and 360 footage. You see a 'B' button prompt at 1:01(RPG scene) but the scene that immediately follows that(tank exploding), you will see the familiar 'R1' above the mini map and the 'O' PS3 button at 1:09 :)

Darkeyes3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

@Raztad... I think that video is from the PS3 Beta... Check out at times when the guy brings out the Rocket launcher or at 0.10-0.12. It shows a PS3 D-pad.. I hope thats the PS3 version... If so can't wait.Oh ya and also pause the video at 1.09... It shows press the 'O' button... Definitely PS3!!!

@Ravage... Yup, KZ3 with destructible environment is probably my wet dream lol... That would be seriously awesome. Also, as this battle will probably take place on Vekta, expect some new color pallets and obviously better graphics..

evrfighter3329d ago

looks like they really did go back to the battlefield 2 formula.

enjoy console gamers. Karkand alone gave me more play time than all of CoD4's. I'm sure there's going to be that one map that is the default for intense combat.

morganfell3329d ago

This game is a gigantic middle finger to bobby kotick and the idiot manager of the mw2 community.

Chubear3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Holy crap, that DOES look better than MW2. Wow, EA are looking for Activision's blood on this one. When is this game supposed to be coming out?

Mista T3329d ago

looks incredible, I'll be skipping MW2 I guess :P

Sarcasm3329d ago

BTW Folks this is the PS3 version. You can see the circle button when it hits 1:09.

ABizzel13329d ago

Battlefield BC2 = Call of Killzone. Graphics look great not Killzone 2, but up there.

toaster3329d ago

I didn't know this was the PS3 version. If it looks this good, just imagine what it would look like on PC with 16xCSAA and max settings at max res. DAAAAAMMMNNNNNN.

loser3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

i've always prefered battlefield to cod. although i will buy both day one.

but, expect an influx of these articles now. the sony fanturds hate activision after they said that they mite stop making games for the ps3, and after the exclusive beta announcement....every sony turd will flock to every article proclaiming their undying love for the series.

you just got to love the idiotic fanboy community that dwells on blogs4fanboys

man that looks incredible!! is the beta available in europe? and if so how do you get in? now the mag beta is finished, i want to try this out.

Alcon3329d ago

I'll get both games! It's not as if they are coming out the same day. The games are 4 months appart! so I'm sure I'll be able to fully enjoy both games!

sikbeta3329d ago

After seeing the MW2 "comparison" in the 2 consoles

BC2 All They Way!!!!

bakasora3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Looks more interactive than MW2 that u can drive vehicle and stuff. BFBC2's MP is like modern warfare and CODMW2's MP is like urban warfare. lol
But MW2 will still get More people playing because of the previous user fanbase.

gamingisnotacrime3329d ago

Is also part of the 360 version
in 1:02 you can see the B button on the screen.

either way this game looks rock solid

Greywulf3329d ago

Exactly what I've been waiting for. BF2 is a great game, and it walks over COD any day. Activision is going to make a ton on MW2 for sure, but Dice is making a better product.

Pandamobile3329d ago

DICE stated that there would be a very substantial graphics difference between the console and PC version. Not many devs actually come out and say one version will look a lot better than another :o

STONEY43329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

It's videos from both PS3 and 360. R1 and a circle button appears, and B appears. Makes me wonder how the PC version will look.

"looks like they really did go back to the battlefield 2 formula. "

Not really, this looks more actiony and less tactical, but I still like this.

Jamegohanssj53329d ago

Like I've been saying; this is the only Multi shooter you need as it delivers in all areas. If it's any where as humourous as the first one was, then it's definitely going to own.

Next year you'll only need MAG, BC2, and R3(it may come out, but I am hoping for something different.)


Chubear3328d ago

I see many comments liking it to KZ2 type graphics but it's more MGS4 graphical art presentation than anything else.

That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it. It looked like a similar graphical presentation to MGS4.

randomwiz3328d ago

They added A LOT more recoil since the last update in MAG beta.

I might be giving away the bc2 beta code i should get cause my ps3 ylod, unless it comes back before the beta starts.
and on a sidenote(yes im going to b*tch about my ps3 and 360 faling in the same week on almost every post I you know how life feels without video games!)

The Creep3328d ago

is it me or does this actually look better than killzone 2

cRaZyLeGs 933328d ago

It has always been better IMO, the ending made me lol.

BLuKhaos3328d ago

It's probably the PS3 version because you can see a d pad indicator that resembles the DS3's d pad.

StanLee3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I think it's edited video of the console versions of the game. At 00:58 it says "Press B to pick up kit".

LostCypher113328d ago

it appears to be footage from both consoles. Which is very nice to see. cuz i saw no difference at all

godcrusher3328d ago

I just went and re bought the first one again so I can bone up on my skills. The bad thing about shooters are that people dedicate their life to them so if you just play a couple hours a week you get owned online. I still love a solid team based shooter though.

Cant wait.

HolyOrangeCows3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

The first jumped around a bit (Nothing horrible), but this one runs wonderfully consistent.

*Square button and d-pad @ 1:08-1:16
*''A'' button @ 1:01

''I can tell which version looks better by a Sub-SD youtube video.

specialguest3328d ago

This game just might be the next temporary successor to BF2, aside from BF3.

jjohan353328d ago

OMG I can't decide between this game or MAG!

Ninji3328d ago

It was an epic click of the mouse.

Kassanova073328d ago

That looks incredible!!! Definitely getting this.

PopEmUp3328d ago

nope it's only you lol

cyberwaffles3327d ago

that video made me mouth water a little bit. just awesome!

also, i think DICE took a little digital chirp sound from a certain game.

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yoghurt3329d ago

I agree, there is definitely potential for this to beat MW2, destruction, vehicles etc etc

but, unfortunately it probably wont sell as well as cod due to the hype and die hard cod followers

omni_atlas3329d ago

I think DICE have a real opportunity to win over fans -- they have a PS3 beta coming up this month, following up with a open beta for PC users in December.

Activision/IW messed up MW2, and a lot of these 'die hard' COD4 fans will move to the next best thing; which I think will be battlefield.

Ravage273329d ago

i got a couple of dumb friends who refuse to even look at shooters without the 'COD' name on it. Seriously, there are lots of people who are still stuck in 2007.

evrfighter3329d ago

Not quite sure. Whenever DICE released a pc version of battlefield. It was always considered the better game compared to CoD.

Looks like it won't be any different.

Rooted_Dust3329d ago

I would like this game to sell well for DICE, but maybe not too well....

If a game is ultra successful, like COD, then the dev and publishers change that game to suit the mass markets, which usually means dumbing it down.

Some of the best games are the ones that don't sell well.

MiloGarret3329d ago

That's a good point, on the other hand, we want it to sell good enough for it to compensate the devs and provide a budget for the next (improved) Battlefield experience.

I'm getting this on my ps3 because my ps3 friends play BF. While I'll be getting COD:MW2 on my 360, because my 360 friends play COD.

table3329d ago

those bloody CoD fanboys don't know the meaning of FPS.

Sarcasm3329d ago

"i got a couple of dumb friends who refuse to even look at shooters without the 'COD' "

LMAO I have a few of the same friends.

However, I will be enjoying both MW2 and BFBC2. Battlefield feels very different than COD and is refreshing to play when I'm tired of COD games.

Rofflecopter3328d ago

I think we all have those friends, and I think they drive us all nuts. On both systems, I have friends that play ONLY Madden [bought yearly] and COD games. That's it. Drives me nuts.

To be honest, the main reason that I dislike COD is because of the fanboys it has created. In many of these BF vs COD articles, consoles are put aside and it's COD vs all. COD gamers refuse to acknowledge the fact that they love a game that has little to no innovation or improvement over time, and they still pay top dollar for it. It's ridiculous.

randomwiz3328d ago

im a die hard cod fanboy, and I love mf2 even before its released, but that doesn't mean I hate bc2.

I'm also a die hard BC fanboy... the first was sooo fun, the second is going to be more amazing than the first in every way!

god damn march is going to be a crazy video game month(I have to shell out ~$300(gow3,gt5,bc2, logitech wheel)

badz1493328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

BF series also has a lot of dedicated fans! most fans were on PC and they were dissapointed with BFBC exclusive for consoles! now that BFBC2 will be on all platform, fans are looking delighted and this game game will rock!

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Rooted_Dust3329d ago

I love the quality of their audio. It actually sounds real and has a lot of depth.

Noctis Aftermath3329d ago

Yeah that was one of the first things i noticed when i first watched a trailer for this, superb sound, i was told that bad company 1 had incredible sound aswell.

MiloGarret3329d ago

Agreed, sound effects are unmatched. I really appreciate games in which much effort has been put into making the weapons sound powerful and the warzone caotic. Just try Battlefield 1943 (arcade), use the rifle and feel the BAM BAM BAM BAM!

Who cares if they're realistic, as long as they sound awesome.