TAE: Katamari Forever Review

TAE writes: "Playing Katamari Forever is like taking part in a bizarre waking dream set in the brain of a Japanese salary man at the close of a five-day bender. Honestly after about fifteen minutes of the game I tried to turn my brain off; flip the switch that tries to make sense of the "story" or why I'm rolling stuff into an ever-expanding ball of stuff -- fish, candy, diamond rings, donuts, cows, people, trees. It doesn't seem to matter what you're rolling into a ball and I was never quite sure of why I was doing it -- I'm pretty sure it has something to do with creating the universe or repairing the cosmos or some giant giant robot with a noggin like Mr. Canoe Head lambasting you for a job poorly done -- but after successfully hitting the switch to deactivate my brain, Katamari Forever was just damn fun rather than confusing."

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