TAE: Gratuitous Space Battles Preview

TAE writes: " If there is any consequence to the release of Star Wars upon the collective consciousness that hasn't been looked at closely or already recognized and analyzed to death, it is the innovation in sci-fi movies (and subsequently other visual media) of multiple ships on the screen at once engaging in battle. To be fair, Star Trek implied space combat in a number of episodes, but cutting from the Enterprise firing phasers or photon torpedoes to the other ship firing their own weapons isn't what you would call a gripping action sequence. Star Wars seems to have gotten in the first fully realized space battles and the world has never been the same since. Without that, later iterations of Star Trek, the two iterations of Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and countless computer games would never have had the punch they have now. No Wing Commander? No Sins Of A Solar Empire? Horrors!"

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