Alan Wake: Igromir Full Demo Video (Cam)

From Igromir all the way back in June, the video from the full length demo is finally released and complete with new cliffhangers.

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YLOD Service Tech3296d ago

Godly lightning! Most likely 2010's GOTY.

TOO PAWNED3296d ago

I think it is premature to say something like GOTY 2010 where there are so many great games in 2010 that are announced and who knows how many that are unannounced for 2010.
GOTY could also be Heavy Rain or God of War or something unannounced. Let's first wait and see who wins GOTY for 2009

Hoolock3296d ago

colour me impressed, its great to see one long coherent play through rather than the small snippets we get from trailers because it really brings it alive when you get the steady progression in atmosphere. I am really liking this game and it feels really well polished even back in June so I cant wait to get. I won't say GOTY but I will say its in with a shot from just this small video.

JokesOnYou3295d ago

Alan Wake is a beast that will be giving the 360 haters nightmares for a long time, Wake Up Raoh, its only a jealous dream.


rafaleon3295d ago

It's common knowledge that X360 is not capable of generating such a awesome graphic.Damn, this sh!t already ate my Uncharted 2 in every department (especially in graphic), so either it is Uncharted 3 with misleading title or my PS3 was just DEVOURED.

Blaze9293295d ago

sick. day 1 purchase confirmed.

Chubear3295d ago

Geez, please, break this down for me. What do people see in this game that no other multiplatform game has not been able to do from a technical stand point?

I'm looking at this and all I can think is, if this was multiplat (which is looks very easily like any other decent multiplat out there) would there be this gasping at anything shown for this title?

It does seem like the 360 fans are forcefully hyping this game when there nothing that remotely sets it apart from any other multiplat game. If it's a great gaming experience then that's great but I don't see anything there that makes me gobb smacked in the slightest and I'd appreciate it if someone can educate me on this.

Chubear3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Just watched the entire thing and I'm sorry but this game is rubbish and I use that strong term cause of 1) the developer pedigree and 2) this is supposed to be an exclusive that show cases the capabilities of the 360hardware in year 4. This thing is nothing more than a normal gaming experience.

You you're hyping NPC chatter when you turn off the light then there's somthing wrong here. Turn flash light on NPC but he doesn't flinch or physically react to the light but just engages the script voice over and that's being flawned?

Animations are dated, texturings on NPC are matted, low rez and flat, gameplay flare fire slow down mechanic looks like it'll get old.. really really fast. I mean come on, if this wasn't an exclusive it wouldn't have 1/5th the attention it does now.

This isn't flamming, it's what I see with my own 2 eyes. This hyping of normal average gaming has gotten out of hand. This is Alone in the Dark 2, nothing more. If the 360 base didn't go wild for Alone in the Dark 1 on current gen consoles then I'm not understanding what the hype is about with this title. I just don't get it.

AnttiApina3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )


This title is not hyped because of the exclusivity (at least not for me), but because it's made by the developers of Max Payne. Sure, it may have standard visuals and so on, but what I really like about this game is the story written by Sam Lake. The setting and characters of the game.

Alan Wake is also build around open-world technology which really takes some recources from the console.

But I am not fan of graphics. I like the atmosphere more.

Chubear3295d ago

So what if it's done be Remedy? Haze was done by well known and high pedigree developers with the Time Splinter series, Lair was done by Factor 5, a critically acclaimed developer house.

The fact that the game is done by Remedy only makes what I see mediocre cause we expect high quality things from them. I look at that and there's nothing there just force hype to rubbish.

..and please, don't keep spewing that "open world technology" PR talking ponit bruhaha. It make you look like a sheep. This game isn't open world. It's similar in path to many other survival horror games we've seen in the past like the Silent Hill or Resident Evil series.

If at one point in time, many years ago it was supposed to be, well it isn't now. It being on a console has nothing to do with it not being able to be done cause their are open world games on consoles already so I don't get what you're trying to say.

Sorry but to me, when gamers hail games like this, we can't blame editorial gaming sites or PR groups all the time. WE are the ones holding back gaming from our own selves when we accept mediocrity as top quality.

StanLee3295d ago

Even from cam footage this game looks amazing. After seeing footage of Mass Effect 2 over at Joystiq and this, I'm convinced the XBox 360 still has a full tank of gas left in it.

AnttiApina3295d ago

Well the reviews will tell the reality once this game is released.

FACTUAL evidence3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

you know dam well a ps3 exclusive or a MP is going to get GOTY....(all fanboyism aside)But dam when are we going to ever be able to play this? Sh!7 been in development for like 6 years.....jeez....hope this isn't another "too human".

gaffyh3294d ago

Looks really good, probably one of, if not, the best 360 exclusive game ever. The character models are still not that good, Uncharted and Heavy Rain kinda blow them out of the water. But the audio seems really good, like natural talking similar to Uncharted 2.

Also the light mechanic looks amazing when fighting enemies, but I still don't like how there is a high powered beam of light in the middle, seems strange. Looks like Remedy are wanting to make a great Survival Horror franchise, because I can see this game becoming like Silent Hill. Also it kinda looks like what Alone in the Dark should have been. Those that have played the earlier AITDs (not the latest crap) will know what I'm talking about.

Can't wait, my most anticipated 360 game after Splinter Cell.

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Natsu X FairyTail3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Holy Sh1t.

This game will be a Must have in 2010.

Raoh3296d ago

There is one issue that could cause this game to fail............

What kind of batteries are in that flashlight?


Natsu X FairyTail3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Who cares about What type of Batteries the Flash light uses. Stop worrying about the minor Details and enjoy the sweet footage.

militant073296d ago

same batteries Nathen Drake using

cereal_killa3296d ago

Well we already know Nathan uses AAA batteries (haha) not sure how this game will pan out this is one of the only reasons I still have a 360 today I hope it's as good as people claim it is.

KionicWarlord2223296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I guess there are tornadoes in here .

Great stuff .

green3296d ago

That was really amazing.

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