WhatIfGaming: Dragon Age: Origins Review – Hail The Grey Warden

WhatIfGaming writes: "Escape into a world of boundless proportions as a Grey Warden in Thedas, contributing to the last known legendary order of guardians that exists to this day in BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins. Dragon Age: Origins marks the awakening of BioWare into the realm of dark fantasy epic tales and vernacular of a world so lively and capturing. Abilities, skills, specializations and over hundreds of talents and spells in a massive world creates a unique and stimulating invigoration despite whatever small problems present itself in Dragon Age: Origins. Made to excel at a new realized façade, Dragon Age: Origins represents the modern re-chimera of the party based fantasy role-playing fame, filled with an staggering storyline and fused with an unforgettable world with interesting characters and hundreds of quests, creating a long to be remembered title in the mark of video game history."

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