Was The Forza 3 Leak A Microsoft Sting Operation?

Adrian P from writes "The Xbox Live Enforcement and Policy team has been extremely busy this past week. With thousands of consoles banned and more coming, the pirate scene has been turned upside down. A scene that has taken extreme precaution to fly under the radar, came crumbling down. There's a lot of industry whispers claiming that Forza 3 was leaked by Microsoft in part of a modder sting operation."

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Sangheili853322d ago

I believe it. I know two people that had a modded box. Got a copy of forza played for a day or two then got banned. I don't doubt MS.

morkendo3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

im not surprised about M$ actions these days.. but if u love forza 3 go for it.

Eamon3322d ago

is making too much money already from people purchasing their consoles and games yet they still want that extra cash from the "under-10% of the 360 owners" who are pirates. The money won't make any difference really but they still invest against 360 pirates even though there is no worrying exponential rise of it.

Shows that Microsoft is the definition of a capitalist business.

Death3322d ago

That's funny. It is true, the Entertainment and Devices Division is making a profit for Microsoft, but if you look at the financials that were released the rate of return isn't that high. Microsoft is a long way from "making too much money".

Stealing food, stealing medicine, these are things I might lend a sympathetic ear to. Stealing games? Come on...


dragonelite3322d ago

people need to know that microsoft as a whole=/=xbox.
Xbox is only a division of microsoft just like the zune is a part of microsoft.

And its not that microsoft need the money its more for the devs trust and publisher trust they get when they get the modded consoles out of here. Think that next gen console will be save if the go with bluray. Dont think that enough people have the bandwidth to download 25 gig to play a game but you never know internet speed is increasing superfast.

Kushan3322d ago

"In effort to catch hungry pirates, Microsoft released a tainted version of Forza 3 to snatch the unsuspecting pirates."

Utter fabrication, the "leaked" version of Forza 3 was identical to the retail version that came out a few weeks later, not a single byte was different. Futhermore, with regards to the Forza bans, only people in the US were banned. There's an entirely separate ban wave going on right now that IS international, but it has nothing to do with Forza.

In this instances, as MS were the publishers of Forza, they knew which retailers did and did not have it (and thus where it could have been leaked) - this is how they caught people out.

Like I said, bullshit.

Perkel3322d ago

what ? So i can't import ? lol that was the stupidet assumption ever heard :)

read text, Che from MS said something before bantaklyzm...

Kushan3322d ago

As a matter of fact, Forza 3 is a region locked title, so you actually CAN'T import it from a different region.

enviable273322d ago

They would of had more success with ODST. LoL

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