Reggie excited for 2010, talks Metroid: Other M, Galaxy 2, Sin and Punishment 2

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime talks about his excitement for Wii software next year and touched on Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Sin and Punishment 2.

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Valay3324d ago

I, too, am very excited for 2010. Mario, Metroid, and Zelda in one year would be insane.

Saaking3324d ago

Looks like 2010 will be a much better year for the Wii. SMG2 is one of the games at the top of my list.

deadreckoning6663324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I'm eager to see what Nintendo will do when the Wands and Natal come out. They might need ta do something crazy in order to stay in the game.

@Saaking- Yea, the Wands and Natal WILL fail to capture MOST of Nintendo's audience, but Wii games are generally too family friendly for me. Id buy one if they dropped the price ta 150 bucks or a $200 bundle with the next No More Heroes. Idk, they the Wands ill proly be around 60 or 70 bucks judging from the Sixaxis'price which is 50 bucks.

Saaking3324d ago

Nah, The wand and natal are just gimmicks that will, without a doubt, fail. If you want motion controls get a Wii. Natal is a next gen Eyetoy and the wands are more precise wii mots. Therefore, get a wii if you're excited about motion controls.

ABizzel13324d ago

3 games, compared to the 5 or more exclusives coming out for the other systems in the first 3 months alone.

I have nothing against the Wii, but they seriously need to step it up.

colonel1793324d ago

Not necessarily...

I am not very excited about the wands or natal, especially natal since there is not controller, but if I wanted to use motion controls I'd prefer games made for PS3 or 360 since have better graphics, and hopefully better gameplay.

On topic, I am really excited about SMG 2 and M: OM they look fantastic. The fact that Yoshi is in the game makes it great, and having Metroid with Ninja Gaiden, Classic Metroid, Metroid Prime gameplay mixed together is EPIC.

The only thing missing in the equation is Zelda, HURRY UP NINTENDO!!! (Not actually, take your time and make the best Zelda ever)

sak5003324d ago


Let me rephrase it for you.. 3 games of same franchise being milked for last 10 years.

I dont konw why even wii is considered a new gen console. the same trud being rehashed again and again. No wonder the games sales are nothing to talk about and only 1st party devs are bothered to make any games since they get paid by nin who are making money on the gamecube II.

mastiffchild3324d ago

While I'm keen for Other M I'd rather have had the oft mooted Dread if I'm honest. I worry that SMG2 will be more like 1.5 after so short a time and though S&P2 will be cool it will still remain a very niche title esp in the west.

What's REALLY getting my goat is how long they're taking over Zelda though. We haven't yet had a Zelda made for the Wii at all and while TP wqas OK it was just a GC game and possibly the weakest Zelda on a home console in many, many ways.

IMO Ninty should also be pushing some of the really good third party games they have coming up or they'll risk more like Suda and Vanillaware sodding them off for PS or 360. Banillawate already said they've had it with the Wii because of this and Suda's already making a PS3 game and there's talk of future NMH going the same way and though I play my PS3 more I still think Wii shoyuld hjave some great 3rd party exclusives to bolster what they make themselves which just isn't ever going to be enough to keep people gaming year round on their console.

So support RS2, NMH2,CCCB and Epic Mickey ey al AND get Zelda out already! I fear we aren't going to see it til the next xonsole, though, which means both Wii and Wii2 would launch wuith whjat amounts to last gens Zelda! I say this because news of it keeps getting more vague and shapeless and they NEED it soon really as it's the most i,portant game to Wii owners, imo, and they've hjad AAAAAGES to get it done and make it amazing. TP must have been wrapped up a long time before Wii launched when you think about it so they've been working on the new one since prolly early 2006! It's not like they won't have had a lot of concepts anyway and from what we're told it's going to be artistically similar to TP in any case and we're supposed to expect it 2011 at the earliest? Five years minimum for a series you're very used to and very comfy making is pi55 poor to me esp when your library has been crying out for it for an age.

So, yeah, there's a few decent looking games and some serious first party ones at that this year(though why we haven't already had S&P2 is amazing to me as well)but I cannot get away from the worry about Zelda not coming any time this gen and SMG2 not being the big step up we all hope for either. Maaybe I'm worrying about nothing but I do wish they'd sort out the way they seal with third parties-I gamed a lot on their platforms over the years and this really woudn't be the first time they risked spunking away a good position by not understanding the needs of the devs putting out games on their platforms.

HVS, Grasshopper and even UBi could eally benefit from demos and more trilers being available on Wii Connect esp with so many Wii owners comparatively new to gaming and unlikely to readup on or offline about what's coming out for their console. If the first time they see something is when it appears on the shelves they won't have a clue what it is or whether they'll like it, will they? Compare it to PSN and Live where, even with more tech and media(for games anyway) savvy demographics there are still demos for loads of games. That The Conduit, Deadly Creatures, Muramasa, NMH, Madworld and a host of other 3rd party games failed to sell that well can be partly, if not mainly, put down to this kind of slap dash support for non first party devs.

Smacktard3324d ago


Uh... those are only the first-party games coming out (and Sin & Punishment 2, which they're publishing). If we're talking about 3rd party games only, then there's Monster Hunter 3, No More Heroes 2, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Red Steel 2, Fragile, Arc Rise Fantasia, Epic Mickey, The Grinder, and others.


Suda never said he was going to put the next No More Heroes game on a Sony or Microsoft console. His quote was taken out of context. He later explained that the next No More Heroes will be on the next Nintendo console (ie: not this gen). He said he wants to support all platforms with their own franchise. Also, I never heard anything about Vanillaware stopping Wii development. What was said? Also, does this mean that their next game is going to the 360 or the PS3, or that it just won't appear on the Wii (and instead perhaps appear on a different console next gen?).

Also, NMH and Muramasa sold/are selling well enough to turn a profit. Muramasa's pretty much in line with Odin Sphere, and NMH was Suda's best-selling game ever. Also, how dare you call Pikmin shoddy. >:| I absolutely love that game. It's a fantastic take on the RTS genre.

Ah damn. I typed all this up and then realized the TrollSlayer said pretty much the same thing. Oh well.

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Tiberium3324d ago

they got canned. Instead you're getting wii fit 2. lol

colonel1793324d ago

It's a shame Nintendo is not developing a new StarFox. The game would be great with motion controls and motion plus, kind of like a Warhawk.

A new kirby would be interesting, but i guess they just dropped support for kirby all together. I just haven't seen anything new about it.

mastiffchild3324d ago

Yeah, they have certainly let the likes of Starfox and Kirvy slide by the wayside and the only new ideas they bring out are for the casuals or aren't games at all in a real sense these days.

The fact is that the last time they actually had a NEW idea for a real, honest to goodness game was Pikmin 8years ago-which is pretty shoddy for a company of their standing and history in the games industry.

I tell you, I think being messed around and not even getting ANY kind of Zelda time frame is making me wonder what Nunty are actually thinking-and I can't forgive them for not publishing Fatal Frame 4 in the west either. I mean, why not? It reviewed really well and fansites said it was cool for a Wii horror and actually had a few scares! Are they so afraid of tarnishing their name with a non shiny bright title?

ChickeyCantor3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

" I just haven't seen anything new about it."

Have we seen something about Pikmin 3?
Kirby was already in development during the GCN.
It is there, i guess its just being reconsidered for the Wii.

Nintendo hardly talks about their productions.

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eagle213324d ago

I'm interested and excited for those titles....

Fierce Musashi3324d ago

Who wouldn't be? Thanks for the article, Valay.

Samus HD3324d ago

Natsu X FairyTail
Where's star Fox and Kirby.

I'm waiting for this games too

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