'Hero' Of 'BioShock' Becomes Religious Figure In 'BioShock 2'

MTVMultiplayer: How do you turn a deeply flawed man into a religious figure? Simple: make a sequel. That's what 2K Games did with the protagonist of the critically acclaimed "BioShock" for the upcoming sequel, "BioShock 2." The follow up to one of the best games of 2007 takes place ten years after the original game, where the inhabitants of Rapture are left with a very deep impression of the original's main character, Jack Ryan; so much so that some of the inhabitants of Rapture have placed him on a pedestal usually reserved for holy figures. At a recent demo, "BioShock 2"'s creative director, Jordan Thomas, had this to say when asked about Jack's role in the upcoming game:

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kaveti66163323d ago

I wonder if there is a way to save the splicers. Aren't they just innocent people who went crazy from all of those plasmid injections?

Saaking3323d ago

They're crazy and psychotic. There's no cure for that unfortunately. So I don't think there's a way to save them.

swiftshot933323d ago

This will be very interesting. It was amazing to figure out the truth about your character in the first game, its what made the game one of the best this generation. Even more amazing was that the answer was ALWAYS in front of you. The tattoo of the chain on Jack's wrist....

Anyways Ill be really happy if we learned more about Jack in B2, seeing splicers worship him reinforces the crazy change Rapture must have gone through in the past 10 years. Cant wait...

Christopher_Walken3323d ago

Love this game. I hope they figured out the PS3 this time around.

Lucreto3323d ago

I didn't see anything wrong with the PS3 version. But I am sure they put a lot more effort to get the equal on all platforms this time round.

MattF3323d ago

How about we stop spoiling every goddamn detail of every upcoming game in game news headlines. Thanks.

Kakihara3323d ago

A cool plot idea from the sequel to a game with some of the coolest writing ever. I'm still not sure about it though. I wasn't crazy about the combat of the first one and I'm not crazy about being a big daddy. Plus Rapture, as beautiful as it was started depressing me toward the end of the game with it's non stop bleakness, I'm not sure I could take another 15 hours or so there.

SeraphimBlade3323d ago

Hey, I think I've known about this since the FIRST preview for the game. At least it gave you that impression.