Xbox 360 Sky Player Released To All Users

Microsoft has announced that the sky player is now available to "100 per cent" of Xbox 360 owners in UK and Ireland. The service that contains TV and movie streaming was taken offline 10 days ago after too much user demand overloaded the system.

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Madusha3175d ago

'TV and movie streaming' should add a lot of value to the Entertainment aspects of the Xbox 360.

killedinaction93174d ago

no more sensible comments like that.

this is N4G after all.

if youre being sarcastic then okay :) thats more like it.

7thNightvolley3174d ago

still in shock that ms actually not hugging on the U MUST BE A GOLD MEMBER! .. so all in all its awesome.. loving sky man... am in uk and i got netflix too. hehe.. have an american account. lool

Saaking3175d ago

Timed exclusive for 6 months, I call it.

The_Beast3174d ago

I 2nd that,but i wouldnt go as far as 6 months

NaiNaiNai3174d ago

Yep and will require a disk to play it.

CernaML3174d ago


Sorry but I believe Netflix will have an update in 2010 that will require no disk. Try again.

If only the US had VidZone.

NaiNaiNai3174d ago

Yes a update in 2010

Just like GT5 was planned to have weather and night racing.


NaiNaiNai3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Wow way to waste my last post N4G.

*double post*

CernaML3174d ago

That's what happens when you mock the inevitable.

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Queen Elizabeth II3175d ago

Too bad its sh!t and you can get sky for about 20quid which is a far better investment than having to pay M$ to watch (a little) sky.

AliTheBrit193174d ago

You don't pay to use sky on the 360, its free if you already HAVE sky like I do

My god you're stupid

Godmars2903174d ago

Anyone taking bets on how soon they backtrack on making Netflix accessible to Silver accounts?

I'm saying two months. That's including this one :p

SnukaTheMan3174d ago

then where is the perk to be a gold member.

Godmars2903174d ago

Online gaming. Cross game chat and group game launching. That's what you're paying for. Everything else is Window dressing and garnish.

ReBurn3174d ago

Don't forget exclusivity windows on demos and other content.

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The story is too old to be commented.