The VGChartz Gap Charts - October 2009 Edition

The updated Gap Charts from November 2006 to the end of October 2009. Charts showing 360 v PS3 and HD v Wii are included.

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Saaking3326d ago

The PS3 is gonna catch up and surpass the 360. People laughed when I said this a few months ago, but guess what? It's gonna happen.

Queen Elizabeth II3326d ago

Sorry bots its there in black and white for even you retards to read.

mikeslemonade3325d ago

Wow few months you are very conservative thinker. I already new PS3 will surpass 360 before the PS3 even launched. Just knowing Microsoft has no grip on Europe or Japan is enough.

3325d ago
Reg823325d ago

"Just knowing Microsoft has no grip on Europe or Japan is enough."

The UK says hello, but then you already "new"(sic) that didn't you.

whoelse3325d ago

Does anyone remember this site?

VGChartz is a lot more reliable than this :)

Bucky Sligo3325d ago

According to the charts, the Xbox has increased their lead. If the PS3 slim momentum doesn't hold up, goodbye PS3! The Slim is last chance saloon for Sony.

O2_Addict3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

This time, even in America.

Global sales over the last 10 weeks:

PS3: 2.89 Million
360: 1.46 Milllion

You're either living in a fantasy world or you don't know how to read a chart. 360 is down in every single chart. When the line is angling down that means bad.

sikbeta3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

"-acording to the chartz zboz is wining"

-lol kid, basic Maths and logic are not your friends

"-but, but, the chartz zayz thatz, I zee itz in the chartz"

-the word "estimates" say something to you... and you read it or what?

-"I don't know, estimates are not in the chartz"

- Hahahahaha....hahahahahaha... you even know what are you saying?

-"but, but iz the chartz"

- this is not funny any more -_-

Ravage273325d ago

looks like Sony will have much to celebrate this xmas :)

Then again, this is VGchartz we are talking about here, i'll wait for official numbers. Strange, VG still hasn't update their WW PS3 total sales number, it should have cleared 27.5 mil by now.

ChozenWoan3325d ago

LOL... how can they disagree with your facts sitting right in front of their eyes... Ohh they got those on. Ohh well.

It's interesting how fast the gap is closing. any faster and it would be a 90 degree incline. LMAO!!!!

commodore643325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

@ chozenwoan

Yeah dude, right on!

The people that pressed disagree are likely either:

- hardcore fanboys that don't like thruth
- people I have upset by calling out their lies and now they harbour a grudge.

In both cases, it doesn't alter the veracity and truth of my post.
You may also notice that since September, the rate of 'catching up' has slowed by over 50%, according to npd and media create, suggesting this momentum is not sustainable.

We'll see.

Best bet is to refer to official figures.

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Saaking3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I don't think so. PS3 FTW!

Marty83703326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

PS3 will take 2nd pretty soon at this rate easily. The gains in US, Jap & Others will see to that.

Crapbox is on the slippery slope downhill.

Jump Out, Play B3yond

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