What Do You Play First, Single-Player or Multiplayer?

G4TV: Call this an Afternoon Hangover after a Friday beer lunch (man, I miss those)...

Obviously this is spurred by Modern Warfare 2's release next week, but it's a question applicable to any game with multiplayer. When you boot up a new game for the first time, what takes priority...playing through the story, or hopping online and getting a jump on your stats?

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Always the single player because it is a vital part of the game, most of the maps, guns etc in multiplayer are from the singleplayer so it is vital in understanding the game and why you are playing in the map you are. I like the way IW have 2 separate teams working on single player and multiplayer, it ensures neither is affected by the other as is less time is put into one or one is judged as more important so the other suffers. Plus IW really know how to mnake an awesome and deep single player experience.

Natsu X FairyTail3296d ago


you learn the basics during Story-mode. you get better there. you take on Multiplayer after that.

MGRogue20173296d ago

I'll definately be playing Single-Player first.

... But It'll be very hard to keep away from the Multiplayer.. lol

Cenobia3296d ago

Playing multiplayer first is how noobs are born.

...and why I'll forever be a noob in CS... :(

Natsu X FairyTail3296d ago


lol I dont know why you got a disagree.

rafaleon3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Every time I'm trying log on to multi in any game, I've got fck loads of errors.It could be my connection but more likely is that awful PSN fault.

I wish to try out, legendary XBL, but unfortunately I can't afford on X360 :(

dead_eye3296d ago

must be you isp. never had a problem with psn. mind you most of the games have dedicated servers and not p2p so you isp doesn't even have to be that good. bet you have an old dial up account lol

BurninDragon083296d ago

Depends on the game. I'm definitely playing the story mode on MW2 first though.

NoBias3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Uncharted 2: I played single player for about 4 hours and then saw some of my friends jump online. Wanted to save some hours of single player game play for the rest of the week so I jumped online with them for a while. When we finished... I went right back the single player like the weak person I am and started playing again. This process continued.

Halo 3: Not gonna lie, I jumped right on the multiplayer first. I'm a huge competitive online player and let's be honest, Halo is famous for it's multiplayer. ODST, I jumped into firefight first for a few hours and then did the campaign. I did the same for the COD series, even though I think the single player shines a lot more in the single player dept (ODST single player was a lot cooler than 3 though, imo).

Guess it depends on the game. But there's always a really fun feeling online when everyone is new to the maps and their trying to figure them out all at the same time. I love figuring it out with others rather than jumping in much later and people have a jump on me. Like I said... I'm a competitive MLG type player. I love trying to outsmart others on the field. It's a addicting.

MW2 multiplayer will no doubt be first up for me though.

Chubear3296d ago

Single Player first ALWAYS for me. I might go check out online at some point just to have a looksey but I'm usually focused on SP before I go onto multiplayer.

SP is why I buy most of my games and I always view MP & co-op as value added bonuses to continue with after my SP experience.

PS3Freak3296d ago

Deffinetly single player. You need to get a feel for the game before you head online. Plus single player has always been the main part of games for me, MP is just a way to keep you playing.

mikeslemonade3296d ago

Multiplayer first. I hate single player FPS. I probably won't even finish it. Plus i want to be better than anyone and rank up faster than anyone online.

Shadow Flare3296d ago

I always try and do everything in single player first. I didn't even touch uncharted 2's online until I did everything in single player. The online trophys were the last I got before I got platinum

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HoangLow3297d ago

single-player, i just want to get use to the controls

SixZeroFour3297d ago

same...and the best way is against ai, story usually isnt great for games, but there are some awesome ones out there and for those i play it for the story and getting used to the controls is just a

aGameDeveloper3296d ago

Not only do I start by playing single player, I won't even buy a game if it has little to no single player component. I don't enjoy playing random strangers for long, and don't get friends together to play frequently.

For example, I've owned nearly every id Software game but one: Quake III Arena, because it was multiplayer-only (or simulated with bots). The concept was interesting, and the graphics good for the time, but I knew it would not hold my interest for long (based on previous frag-fest games).

I tried "City of Heroes" as an example MMO. I enjoyed the first several levels, but stopped playing the game as soon as the quests became ones that basically required gathering a party together. On the one hand, I was not interested in gathering a random party of non-committed strangers to complete these, and I did not have the time or commitment to join some organized clan (of strangers), or have enough friends that played.

ZombieAutopsy3297d ago

Well if i get Mw2 itll be multiplayer since i know how the game plays, but alot of games its SP first to get use to the controlls.

Sukebe_Gamer3297d ago

i'll check out the singe player a little bit first and then jump into the mp.

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