Modern Warfare 2 Navigates A Sea Of Second-Guessers

Kotaku: Incensed politicians, angry fans, boycotting retailers: What might be the biggest video game launch in history has more than its share of controversy.

But in the eye of the contentious hurricane that swirls around the upcoming launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, developer Infinity Ward appears unfazed.

"It's very exciting," said Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, who's title changed from community manager to "creative strategist" as the buzz began to swell for Modern Warfare 2. "I'm fully expecting it to do very well. I'm expecting good things."

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Pandamobile3328d ago

COD4 sold millions on PC. And dedicated servers are for more than 'hardcore' players.

ScorpionX993328d ago

So that reminds me of another game that is always in the news for multiple things. Its one of the best selling games ever. GTA series.

In that you can hijack and kill everything.

Everyone loves it.

I don't see how because of an intro thats pretty much the same, with slight differences, would all of the sudden not sell well at all. let alone be pulled from shelves.

And for the PC part, Gamestop and best buy wouldn't stop selling because there is no dedicated servers. No matter what happens this game is going to sell like crazy.

JeffGUNZ3328d ago

Yeah, this game is unstoppable at this point. Everyone I know is anticipating this game greatly and can't wait to pick it up at midnight