Lens of Truth: Borderlands Review

Lens of Truth writes, "What would you get if Fallout 3 and Diablo had a baby? Borderlands. One part RPG, one part shooter, and one part dungeon crawler, Borderlands blends the best parts of many game genres to create a fun, addictive, and new experience…or does it? Find out the truth in our latest Flash Review."

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Shogun Master3323d ago

Awesome multiplayer, other then that, I thought the game was a letdown.

ElementX3323d ago

Maybe you just expected too much. Didn't you read the previews? They laid it all out.

saraphina0173323d ago

The genre blending is interesting and seems to be done fairly well. Unfortunately, I am a hermit and have no friends. Honestly, if a game doesn’t work well for single player, not enough thought went into it. What I’d like to see is a game that plays single player have the same characteristics.