X-Play's Top 5 Reasons We Don't Need New Consoles

Adam Sessler explores what the current generation of consoles still has to offer and gives the top 5 reasons you don't need a new batch of consoles quite yet.

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Greywulf3328d ago

has it been 10 years yet?

gumgum993328d ago

nope, its going on four years. Even by 2010, I think its just too early for a new console with the PS3 just hitting its prime, and momentum that has been building since 2008.

mugoldeneagle033328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I haven't and wont buy a Wii until:

A) A Pokemon MMORPG is Announced
B) Wii HD

So for Nintendo creating another console has more of a purpose than Sony or Microsoft. I own a PS3, and don't own a 360, but I still think both consoles have at least another 2-3 strong years ahead of them, obviously the PS3 longer than 360.

Knowing Sony they'll announce the "PS4" around the 6-7 year cycle of the PS3, which should be around *2012-2013, hopefully a little longer.

* = If the Mayans are wrong ;)

snipermk03328d ago

Hope the mayans are wrong. :P

Bilbo653328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

The Mayans never said the world would end in 2012 its just the media who made that up basically y2k all over again.

But yea still a while for new consoles i personally think Nintendo cut the price for the wii unnecessarily as well.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )


The Mayan calender ends but it does NOT say the world ends along with it. Gotta love the media spin..

On topic: I like how Adam said all games this generation are going to look like U2 if developers try LOL! Gears of War 2 maxed out 360 and Drake's Fortune looks better than that so there's no hope for a 360 game matching U2.

Maybe M$ needs to make a new console but Sony does not.

sikbeta3328d ago

I kindly gonna say this:

Is really necessary an article stating the obvious, well If we talk about PS3 XP

The wii can't stand much time in the market and xbox, well natal is the last chance to stay afloat and if it sink we'll see the same trick from last gen, jump to next console

mal_tez923327d ago

They will advance on all consoles now in this generation and continue advancing into the next. Once real life realistic graphics can be rendered it will probaly move into 3d, although I thinks that's starting already.

Anyway, anyone who thinks that mayan calander bullS**T is real is just stupid. Saying that the wrold will because their calander ends in 2012 is just like saying the world will end because the calander in my kitchen ends this december. It's total bull

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gumgum993328d ago

Its nice to see G4 actually come of with some valid points for once. For the first time in a long time, I agree with G4's opinion.

NaiNaiNai3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I don't see us needing any new consoles for awhile.

Especially with the ps3 just getting its power, and XBL getting new features.

Actually cool little features like Halo waypoint *which came yesterday, But you wouldn't know anything about that would you.*

As well even though it is facebook, twitter, and *which BTW is wicked* its still adding features that were not in the system.

BTW just because one system had something and the other system didn't doesn't mean squat.

but if you want to do that. Netflix was on 360 before PS3. as well new ps3 have taken features out, like OS install.

How does adding netflix extend the ps3's gaming experience.
If we go on this, neither system is adding anything amazing and both should be scrapped under your expectations.

Jamie Foxx3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

unless ive missed something there the only new features,which are not so new for ps3 owners...and how would twitter and facebook expand the life of a GAMING console?

Kisama3328d ago

I think a Wii2 is pretty much needed. It's lack of power prevents third party multiplatform development too much.

Godmars2903328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

We'll probably hear about new ones come 2012.

Just in time for the end of the world...

Or sooner if MS slips into 3rd place.

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