BioWare releases new Mass Effect 2 screens

A dozen of new Mass Effect 2 screenshots are available for viewing. Check them out.

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cain1413323d ago

I'm pumped for this game...

Elven63323d ago

I was a disappointed by the first game since BioWare didn't deliver on all their promises, the planets for instance were all the same asides from a few minor tweaks. I hope Mass Effect 2 delivers.

Ziriux3323d ago

First was great pal, second one kicks a lot of a just from playing it at E3 this year.

Ziriux3323d ago

Playing it feels even more slick, I'm glad the game don't come out till February , so that way I have money to purchase it.

Ziriux3323d ago

Talking smack? Graphics are fine and look better than most other console games.

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The story is too old to be commented.