STP: Rally Master Pro 3D Review

STP writes: "As any gaming platform finds its roots, the staple genres begin to blossom: role-playing games, platformers, and racing games usually lead the charge. The iPhone is now well in bloom, and top-tier racing games are popping up left and right, so much so that it's becoming easier to lose track of them. Rally Master Pro 3D is the latest in a long line of racers to hit the platform this year, and graphically it can compete with the best of them. Its claim to fame, though, is that it's the only rally racing game yet. How does it fare against the competition?

Rally races are all about beating the clock as souped-up cars drive across uneven terrain in harsher conditions than your standard races. In this regard, this one doesn't disappoint. The game boasts 27 tracks, although they all aren't vastly different, and a host of adverse weather conditions to muck up the road. This provides both a visual twist to what we've yet seen on the platform and a tactical one, as well: driving in the mud is a lot harder than on smooth tarmac."

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